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Epic v. Apple trial reveals how Microsoft has never made money off Xbox hardware

The Xbox One, left, with the Xbox Series X and S, right.Each console is sold at a loss, and the profit from the project for Microsoft comes entirely from software sales.Epic is suing Apple over its ru

Premarket stocks: Uber is losing less money. But it still faces one big risk

For months, government rules and fears about catching Covid-19 meant everyone stayed put.What's happening: As the economic recovery picked up in key markets like the United States, the startup reporte

How to hide apps from your iPhone’s home screen using iOS 14

If you get annoyed with the number of apps that crowd your iPhone’s home screen, you probably welcomed a feature that came with iOS 14: the App Library, which gathers all of your apps into various c

I tracked my kid with Apple’s Airtags to test its privacy features

But then the tiny 'key' icon on the app stopped moving.Earlier this month, Apple (AAPL) launched $29 Tile-like Bluetooth locators that attach to and help you find items such as keys, wallets, laptops

Internal emails reveal how badly Apple wanted to keep Netflix using in-app purchases

Internal emails revealed during the Epic Games v.In the run up to Netflix removing its subscription offering to avoid Apple’s fees, a presentation circulated within Apple proposed to advertise Netfl

Apple expands its ad business with a new App Store ad slot – TechCrunch

At the same time as it’s cracking down on the advertising businesses run by rivals, Apple is introducing a new way for developers to advertise on the App Store.Previously, developers could promote t

Epic says there’s an App Store payment lockout — but Apple just sees friction

One of the Epic v.In Epic’s Fortnite, “cross-wallet” means you can buy in-game currency (known as V-Bucks) with real money on one device, then spend it on a different device.Apple did support cr

Nev Schulman Says It’s His Fault Ben Affleck Got ‘Unmatched’ on Dating App

Play video content TMZ.We got the 'Catfish' host at LAX and asked about Ben's apparent troubles on the dating platform, Raya, where the newly single actor sent a video message to a smoking hot woman h

Ben Affleck Baffled by Dating App Rejection in Viral TikTok

Ben Affleck went to the DMs to set the record straight about being “unmatched” on Raya.TikTok user @NivineJay is going viral for a video she posted in which Affleck appears to confront her for rej

Clubhouse finally begins testing an Android version — but is it too late?

Clubhouse is finally testing an Android version of its popular live-audio app.”.This means the app is currently in a closed beta— so you can’t sign up to try it just yet —with more users to be