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Ellen DeGeneres’ show ending over misconduct scandal, industry experts allege: ‘Audiences crave authenticity’

Ellen DeGeneres announced on Wednesday she's ending her long-running namesake daytime talk show.'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' will conclude with its upcoming 19th season in 2022.'When you’re a creative

As NPR Turns 50, Scott Simon’s View From Behind The Microphone : NPR

Part of a collage of images of Scott Simon reporting for NPR News from Cuba, San Salvador and Iraq.Courtesy of Caroline Richard Simon hide caption .toggle caption Courtesy of Caroline Richard Simon P

The Secret About The Masked Singer You Weren’t Supposed To Know

According to Entertainment Weekly, part of the reason the unmasking doesn't happen right away is to give eliminated contestants an opportunity to touch up their hair and makeup, ensuring they're more

The Real Reason Amira Refuses To Speak To Andrew

On the tell-all, Amira also spoke about Andrew's tendency to guilt-trip her.Still, once Andrew was officially off set, Amira dropped the biggest bomb of all.When asked why the relationship fizzled so

‘Malika the Lion Queen’ narrator Angela Bassett on what she hopes the audience learns from doc

FOX's latest wildlife documentary, 'Malika the Lion Queen,' follows a lioness in South Africa’s Kruger National Park as she battles to survive.Actress Angela Bassett spoke to Fox News about narrat

Fintech investor Emmalyn Shaw will share why she led the Steady Series A – TechCrunch

Investors often say they don’t just invest in products, but in the right teams to solve a particular problem.With Steady, Adam Roseman built the platform based on his own personal experience.We’re

UK broadcast of Oprah’s Meghan and Harry interview had a huge 11 million viewers

The 110-minute interview on ITV attracted an average of 11.More than half of people watching television across the United Kingdom at the time were tuned into the interview.It produced ITV's biggest pe

Spotify to launch Spotify Audience Network, an audio ad marketplace – TechCrunch

Spotify provided more details today about how it plans to monetize its investments in podcasts.The company also said it plans to offer podcasts on its self-serve ad platform, Spotify Ad Studio, starti

Facebook knew for years ad reach estimates were based on ‘wrong data’ but blocked fixes over revenue impact, per court filing – TechCrunch

Some more internal emails Facebook really doesn’t want you to see: Turns out in 2017 COO Sheryl Sandberg had already known for years there were problems with a free ad planning tool the company offe

See Other Channels Your Audience Watches

YouTube is giving creators access to new data that will allow them to see which other channels their audience watches on a regular basis.Creators will see a new card that shows other channels watched