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US judge dismisses crypto fraud case against BNT token issuer

A federal district court in the United States has dismissed a securities fraud class action against Israel-based cryptocurrency firm Bancor.district judge Alvin Hellerstein ruled on Monday to dismiss

Bancor’s Bug Exposes Dangerously Common Practice in Ethereum DeFi

A vulnerability discovered on Bancor on June 18 would have allowed hackers to simply drain the funds of anyone who interacted with its smart contracts.This allows various Ethereum (ETH) DApps to autom

With Token Uptick and Israeli Election Work, It’s Been a Busy Year for Bancor’s Founders

Coinbase announced Wednesday it is considering listing Bancor’s BNT token, as well as 18 others, which already gave the asset’s global trading price a slight bump.Although Coinbase declined to com

Bancor’s Upcoming V2 Upgrade to Solve ‘DeFi’s Dirty Little Secret’

On April 29, the Bancor (BNT) project revealed its plans for the V2 upgrade of its platform.Nate Hindman, head of growth at Bancor, told Cointelegraph that this happens when the relative prices of two