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TiVo’s first Android TV dongle also appears to be its last

Last May, TiVo attempted to muscle in on Roku and Amazon with an HDMI streaming dongle of its own — the $70 TiVo Stream 4K, which traded in the company’s traditional live TV + DVR functionality fo

CNN pundit says ‘factor’ in poor jobs report is people don’t want to be ‘assaulted’ by anti-maskers at work

Media top headlines May 7Jen Psaki admitting that Biden taking impromptu questions from reporters is not something the White House recommends and more round out today's top media headlines.When asked

Amazon employee at Bessemer, Alabama fulfillment center dies

An Amazon fulfillment center in Spokane, Wash.The news: An Amazon fulfillment center worker died Thursday after being found in the bathroom of a warehouse in Bessemer, Ala.Bessemer warehouse: The ful

Roku And Google Argue Over YouTube TV App

The distribution deal between the two companies expired on April 30, and Roku says Google is asking for unfair terms meant to not just benefit YouTube, but also to negatively affect Roku and Roku user

Tesla refutes Elon Musk’s timeline on ‘full self-driving’ – TechCrunch

What Tesla CEO Elon Musk says publicly about the company’s progress on a fully autonomous driving system doesn’t match up with “engineering reality,” according to a memo that summarizes a meet

How much is Tribune Publishing worth? Is Alden getting a steal of a deal at $630 million?

The valuation of Tribune Publishing and its nine metro newspapers, in play for takeover, continues to be an issue with fresh evidence this week that the company is doing reasonably well financially.T

The Jobs Report: The Boom That Wasn’t

It’s a little secret of the news business that for some anticipated events, like a Supreme Court decision or the death of a prominent figure, we pre-write articles or different versions of them so t

The Anchor Effect and de-risking decisions – TechCrunch

Twitch evidently has no issues getting people to spend time on its platform — even politicians can draw huge crowds by streaming themselves playing games.And more importantly, what subtle psychology

Chinese Consumers Are Opening Their Wallets Again

A private gauge of activity in China’s service sector soared in April to its highest level this year, while tourist travel and some consumer spending exceeded their pre-virus levels during a five-d

Nio is bringing battery swap stations to Europe, but there’s no round of applause

Chinese electric car manufacturer Nio has announced its dive into the European market and it sounds like a big one… but will it stick the landing?.The company will bring four battery swap stations