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Amazon says the $500 Peloton knock-off isn’t from Amazon after all

Fitness startup Echelon said in a press release Tuesday that it built a Prime-branded bike and Amazon partnered with the startup to build Amazon's 'first-ever connected fitness product.' The press rel

How Robinhood and Chime raised $2B+ in the last year – TechCrunch

What's driving the U.7 billion post-money valuation.A little over a month ago Robinhood announced that it had raised a $200 million Series G, bringing its valuation to $11.The company previously raise

Volvo’s owner will offer its ‘transformative’ EV tech to competitors

It’s not uncommon in the car industry for competitor brands to work together to develop common technologies.However, in the following case, it seems that Geely, the Chinese carmaker that also owns

Yext launches Hitchhikers, a self-serve version of its site search tool – TechCrunch

Yext is making its site search product Yext Answers available to a broader set of customers today with the launch of a new program that it calls Hitchhikers.The company launched Yext Answers in Octobe

Facebook Removes the 20% Text Limit on Ad Images

Media buyers in Facebook’s platform began to notice recently a big change: their images were no longer being disapproved for a lot of text.It’s been confirmed via a few sources the long-standing r

Amazon removes the $500 Prime Bike, says it has nothing to do with the Peloton knock-off – TechCrunch

Yesterday, a fitness equipment maker called Echelon Fitness announced its latest product, the so-called Prime Bike.Amazon is now saying that’s not true and has removed the product from its site and

Salsify nabs $155M as its commerce experience platform sees a big surge of business from Covid-19 – TechCrunch

As traditional brands grapple with a new world where selling online is as much or perhaps even more important than how you are positioned in a physical store, a startup that helps them get all their i

Amazon disavows $500 “Prime Bike,” says it has no formal connection to the product

Yesterday, exercise company Echelon Fitness announced the “EX-Prime Smart Connect Bike,” or “Prime Bike” — a $500 exercise bike developed “in collaboration with Amazon.” News of the bike

New research shows European startups are spending drastically less on a US launch, for the same gains – TechCrunch

It used to be the case that in order to scale globally, European companies needed to spend big on launching in the US to achieve the kind of growth they wanted.That said, European startups will still

Uncle Ben’s has a new name: Ben’s Original

The revamped Ben's products, which feature the same blue font and orange packaging, will hit shelves in 2021.Mars' rice brand was named in the 1940s for 'Uncle Ben,' a possibly fictitious Black rice f