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Tag: business and finance

Recording Academy Opens Investigation Into Ousted CEO Deborah Dugan’s Sexual Harassment Claim

The Recording Academy is investigating the sexual harassment allegation made by ousted CEO Deborah Dugan against the organization’s general counsel Joel Katz, according to a memo sent to its voting

The End of Australia as We Know It

SYDNEY, Australia — In a country where there has always been more space than people, where the land and wildlife are cherished like a Picasso, nature is closing in. Fueled by climate change and the

Casual Fan’s Guide to TLC’s reality series ’90 Day Fiancé’

Things escalated quickly for TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé. The reality show—about the lives of multiple couples trying to navigate America’s K-1 visa process—first premiered in January 2014 and has be

From Crypto Self-Custody to Music Rights, This Mother-Daughter Dev Team Does It All

Developer Cindy Zimmerman and her mother Judy Katzman are among the cryptocurrency community’s most quietly prolific builders.After learning about bitcoin in 2011, Katzman worked for the early excha

Nikola’s Badger electric truck has Tesla, Hummer and Rivian in its sights

Sure it looks like a futuristic, extra-butch Tacoma, but we kind of dig that. Nikola Motors Nikola Motors, aka Arizona's No. 1 electrified vehicle hype machine, is back at it again, but this time, it'

XRP Price Hits 7-Month High as BitMEX Users Reel From 60% Flash Crash

BitMEX continues to field major criticism and even anger from traders who lost huge amounts of money in a flash crash involving altcoin XRP. The crash, which occurred at 14.00 UTC on Feb. 13, saw XRP/

10 jobs where you’re most likely to be single at 40

People can be workaholics.Sometimes work becomes so hectic that people can block out everything else in their life—including love—in hopes of making a successful career for themselves.There’s no

2021 Toyota Highlander XSE gets an aggressive update

Here's the sportiest Highlander you'll be able to buy. Steven Pham/Roadshow It seems like Toyota just introduced its redesigned, fourth-generation Highlander utility vehicle, but the automaker is wast

The truth about Prince Harry’s deal with Goldman Sachs

Word of Harry and Meghan's potential new deal came less than a week after the media reported they had appeared at an event hosted by another banking giant, JP Morgan, in Miami. Their appearance, which

Flyers Dive-Bomb Delta CEO For Suggesting They Ask Permission Before Reclining Seats

Flyers have a new target for their fury now that Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian has told passengers to ask permission before reclining their seats on a plane. But I think that the proper thing to do i