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6 big data blunders businesses should avoid

And he could have avoided the Big Data errors in his ‘Tintin’ enterprise.Here’s the modern business landscape – Data data everywhere, not a drop to waste! In this age even AI is getting powere

Justice Department says WeChat users won’t be penalized under Trump’s executive order – TechCrunch

In a Wednesday filing in federal court, the United States government said that users who use or download WeChat “to convey personal or business information” will not be subject to penalties under

Pandemic Changed Theatrical Business Forever

“All of those windows are being sliced and diced dramatically,” Burns argues.Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns thinks there is no going back to the pre-pandemic business model for theaters.An

ViacomCBS Sale of CNET Is a Modest Step in Plan to Refocus on Video

ViacomCBS has been offloading assets it deems non-essential to its core TV, video-based business.Analysts at S&P Global Ratings said in a note on Tuesday that they expect ViacomCBS’s sale of tech w

Facebook announces $4.3 million grant for small businesses in India, introduces support for gift cards – TechCrunch

More than a third of small and medium-sized businesses on Facebook in India expect cash flow to be a challenge for them as they navigate through the coronavirus pandemic in the next few months, accord

Indian decacorn Byju’s CEO talks about future acquisitions, coronavirus, and international expansion – TechCrunch

Since India enforced a lockdown across the country in late March, shutting schools and other public places, Bangalore-headquartered startup Byju’s has emerged as one of the quintessential platforms

Homage announces strategic partnership with Infocom, one of Japan’s largest healthcare IT providers – TechCrunch

Homage, a Singapore-based caregiving and telehealth company, has taken a major step in its global expansion plan.The company, which currently operates in Singapore and Malaysia, focuses on patients wh

Has Business Left Milton Friedman Behind?

On September 13, 1970, the New York Times Magazine published an essay by the economist Milton Friedman titled “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase Its Profits.” It laid out what c

UK-Japan trade deal is first big agreement since Brexit

The UK Department for International Trade said in a statement that the deal with its 11th biggest trading partner was agreed to in principle on Friday and will increase trade between the two countries

Here’s how much Nicky Hilton is actually worth

Celebrity Net Worth notes that Nicky is an heiress to the 100-year-old hotel empire, although 97 percent of the family fortune was donated to charity upon her father's death, leaving the rest to be d