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China dismisses US outreach on arms control talks saying it has ‘no interest’

Beijing has 'no interest' in any such negotiations, a statement by Chinese embassy in Washington said.State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said Thursday in a statement that the United States 'w

Court in China Implementing Blockchain for Court Reform

Shanghai courts are using Blockchain technology to record hearings as part of a court reform pilot, according to China’s local news on July 8.”.The Shanghai court record reform pilot reportedly st

Ferrari, McLaren and $15M in Crypto Seized as Chinese Police Bust Arbitrage Scam

Chinese police have seized over $15 million in crypto and supercars worth $2 million from the alleged operators of a novel scam that sold counterfeit tokens.The criminal case is the first in China whe

Google reportedly cancelled a cloud project meant for countries including China – TechCrunch

After reportedly spending a year and a half working on a cloud service meant for China and other countries, Google cancelled the project, called “Isolated Region,” in May due partly to geopolitica

Time short to halt Beijing’s march to dominate tech

China's tech industry is poised to 'dominate,' to the 'detriment' of the world, warns Asia expert Gordon G.'This is, therefore, the time to stop China before, by hook or by crook, it dominates techno

FBI opens new Chinese spy investigation every 10 hours

The FBI opens a new counterintelligence investigation related to Chinese espionage every 10 hours, FBI Director Christopher Wray said in a speech Tuesday, which he billed as the most detailed discuss

TikTok Withdraws From Hong Kong After Draconian Security Law Imposed by Mainland

Social media app TikTok announced Monday night that it is pulling out of Hong Kong entirely in response to draconian new security laws imposed on the city by the mainland government.More relevantly t

UK foreign secretary warns China ‘can’t be trusted’ as London introduces Magnitsky-style sanctions

'China freely assumed international obligations to the United Kingdom .Raab's comments come after China's Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming has accused Britain of 'gross interference' in China's inter

Google, Facebook, and Twitter halt government data requests after new Hong Kong security law

Google, Facebook, and Twitter are pausing the processing of data requests from the Hong Kong government as they review a new security law that went into effect on July 1st.“hen the law took effect,

China Stocks Boom Bullish for Bitcoin? 5 Things to Watch This Week

Bitcoin (BTC) begins a new week testing increasingly weak $9,000 support, but what factors could make or break price performance?.Cointelegraph Markets takes a look at the main things traders should f