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Stimulus check: IRS plus-up payment status, schedule deadline update, more to know

You could have your third check already, but you may be eligible for a plus-up stimulus payment, too.1 million stimulus check payments went out from the IRS, for more than $2 billion.But if you're st

Get Spotify’s $80 Car Thing for free, if you’re lucky. Here’s how

You can sign up to try to get a Spotify Car Thing free.While the Car Thing is currently a limited product launch, Spotify said it would be giving away the normally-$80 device for free to select Spoti

Sharks use the Earth’s magnetic fields to make incredible long-distance journeys

Richard Grainger/University of Sydney I'm becoming increasingly jealous of other Earth-dwelling creatures and their ability to navigate the globe using magnetic fields.Perhaps the best use case is dog

Belgian farmer accidentally moves French border, makes France smaller

'Gonna have to put things back in place,' wrote the mayor of the Belgian village that gained territory.Facebook Franch got a little smaller, and Belgium a little bigger, thanks to an annoyed Belgian

The best sleep masks for 2021

It's amazing what small tweaks to your nighttime routine can do for your beauty sleep.Updating your bed, mattress or pillows can all make a difference in your sleep quality and lead to bedtime blis

T-Mobile continues to add subscribers as first quarter earnings beat estimates

Angela Lang/CNET T-Mobile topped analyst estimates for the first quarter of 2021, as it continues to add subscribers and build out its 5G network.On Tuesday the nation's second-largest carrier reporte

Marvel reveals Eternals, Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2 news and teases Fantastic Four

Marvel on Monday detailed new titles for several of its 2022 and 2023 movies, along with a tease that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting ever closer to debuting the Fantastic Four.Black Panthe

When will the IRS send my tax refund? How to track your income tax return money

The IRS has tools for you to keep tabs on the status of your tax refund.If you've already filed but haven't received your income tax refund yet, you can track its status using two IRS refund-status t

Stimulus check: IRS plus-up payments, delivery deadline status and more to know

If you've already received your third stimulus check, you could qualify for a plus-up payment, too, from the IRS.Along with the round three payment for up to ,400, you may qualify for a 'plus-up' pay

Revised child tax credit 2021: Will larger payments be extended to 2025? When does it start?

Sarah Tew/CNET Will the revised child tax credit be extended to 2025? On Wednesday, President Joe Biden called for payments for the new child tax credit to extend 'at least through the end of 2025'