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Switzerland’s ‘Crypto Valley’ Has Started Accepting Bitcoin, Ether for Tax Payments

The Swiss canton of Zug has started accepting tax payments in cryptocurrency.In a previous announcement in 2020, the Swiss authorities said that, from February, citizens and companies based in Zug wil

Chinese Retailer Goes From Bubble Tea to Crypto Mining in Unlikely Pivot

A retailer of specialty teas and baked goods based in Hunan, China, is expanding its business into cryptocurrency mining.Zhou, who will lead the company’s implementation of its “blockchain and bit

Robinhood to Allow Deposits, Withdrawals for Cryptos Including Dogecoin

Online brokerage app Robinhood says it plans to enable withdrawals and deposits of cryptocurrencies including dogecoin.In a tweet Wednesday, the app provider said it “fully intends” to provide the

Coinbase, Readying for Public Listing, Gets $77B Valuation From Nasdaq Private Market

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, which is preparing to trade publicly in the next few months, is being valued at $77 billion, based on trading of the company’s privately held shares on a secondary

India Plans Twin Taxes on Exchanges and Traders Before Passing Crypto Bill: Report

India is reportedly planning a short-term boost to its coffers by ensuring the nation’s cryptocurrency space is taxed before bringing in a ban on such assets.Plus, to be paid on the earnings from th

Blockchain Bites: Bitcoin Volatility Hasn’t Shaken Out Institutions

Purpose Investments CEO Som Seif, speaking on CoinDesk TV, said there have been measurable improvements made to the infrastructure supporting the crypto economy.In fact, he thinks it would have been a

Is $50,000 BTC the Beginning of a Bitcoin Supercycle?

As bitcoin reaches a new milestone all-time high, NLW asks whether we’ve broken out of a traditional halving-based market cycle to something bigger.On today’s episode, NLW explores what it means,

Bitcoin Recovers From Dip to Set New Record High Close to $50K

Bitcoin printed new lifetime highs near $50,000 this morning, having crowded out excess bullish leverage in the derivatives market with a swift price drop on Monday.Bitcoin now needs the help of cash/

Bitcoin Miners Earn Record Hourly Income of $4 Million

Bitcoin’s price rally is proving a windfall for the miners of the world’s biggest blockchain.Transaction fees accounted for more than $47,000 of the record hourly revenue.As a reward for their ser

Bitcoin Options Market Sees Low Odds of Sky-High Rally in 2021

Bitcoin’s options market is assigning a low probability of prices rising above $100,000 this year despite widespread expectations for a meteoric rally in the wake of Tesla’s recent purchase of the