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Kindred Capital closes £81M second fund to back early-stage European startups – TechCrunch

Kindred Capital, the London-based VC that backs early-stage founders in Europe, has closed its second seed fund at £81 million.That’s only a tad larger than the the firm’s first fund, which inves

US Space Force taps blockchain firm Xage Security for data protection

The recently created United States Space Force, or USSF, and the U.Air Force Research Lab has chosen blockchain firm Xage Security to develop data security systems.In a statement, Xage Security said i

As Trump Squeezes China, Alipay’s Star Rises

Li Xian, who works at a publishing company in Shanghai, says the Chinese mobile-payments app Alipay is indispensable.More than 711 million people and 80 million merchants use the Alipay app each month

Trump approves TikTok-Oracle deal, he says

Angela Lang/CNET President Donald Trump said Saturday that he has OK'd 'in concept' a deal for Oracle to acquire the US operations of popular video app TikTok, says a Bloomberg report.The Trump admini

The TikTok deal solves quite literally nothing – TechCrunch

Well… that was pointless.A flurry of announcement late Saturday night indicate that the TikTok deal was actually a politically-oriented shakedown to boost the cloud infrastructure business of key su

Donald Trump TikTok deal approval

Speaking to reporters, Trump said he approved the deal 'in concept.The deal will also include Wal-Mart (WMT), Trump said.Trump claimed TikTok would be 'totally controlled' by Oracle and Wal-Mart.Trump

Figure Technologies releases fund services offerings on blockchain

Figure Technologies launched its new digital fund services products for investment firms on a blockchain, the company said in a statement.”.Figure also announced that venture capital fund Friends &

After Trump’s TikTok Ban, China Readies Blacklist of Foreign Companies

BEIJING — As the United States and China trade blows over technology, Beijing on Saturday moved to create a blacklist of foreign companies seen as threatening its national security or acting against

Gaming companies are reportedly the next targets in the US government’s potentially broader Tencent purge – TechCrunch

Some of the biggest names in online gaming in the United States have received letters from the U.government requesting information about their relationship with the multibillion-dollar Chinese technol

Salesforce announces 12,000 new jobs in the next year just weeks after laying off 1000 – TechCrunch

In a case of bizarre timing, Salesforce announced it was laying off 1000 employees at the end of last month just a day after announcing a monster quarter with over $5 billion in revenue, putting the c