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Mattel taking back old Barbie dolls, Matchbox cars in toy take back program

Old toys are getting a new life.The toy takeback program, called Mattel PlayBack, will let families extend the life of their unused toys after kids are finished playing with them in an eco-conscious m

Rep. Elise Stefanik WARNS of ‘Slippery Slope’: Big Tech Taking Us in ‘More Authoritarian Direction’

“These companies have too much power,” Rep.Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) said Monday, calling for Congress to break the stranglehold giant platforms like Facebook and Twitter have on social media freedo

Babel Finance raises $40M to expand crypto offerings

Babel Finance, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency financial services provider, has secured $40 million in venture capital financing to expand its offerings to more institutional clients.Flex Yang, CEO o

Chipotle offering higher minimum wage, online career fair

April’s lackluster jobs report showed the unemployment rate has ticked up to 6.A three-and-a-half=year climb to restaurateur, the highest general manager position at the company, comes with an avera

Ford reveals three new details about its officially named F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck – TechCrunch

Ford confirmed Monday that its all-electric pickup truck will be named the F-150 Lightning, resurrecting a name that once donned the SVT F-150 in the 1990s.Ford has touted the capability of its Hybrid

SpaceX claims it will accept dogecoin as payment for an upcoming moon mission

A Canadian company called the Geometric Energy Corporation confirmed that it will pay SpaceX solely in dogecoin in order to secure a spot for an 88-pound satellite on a mission, called Doge-1, slated

Colonial Pipeline starts limited shipments amid fears of fuel shortages

Colonial shut the pipeline on Friday after the company's corporate computer systems were hit by a ransonware attack, raising fears of a spike in gasoline prices going into the peak summer driving seas

Jeff Bezos’ superyacht is so big it needs its own yacht

The world's richest man is reportedly buying a boat, though that word feels inappropriately sensible for the monstrosity going to Captain Bezos: a 417-foot superyacht that's so massive it has its own

State AGs tell Facebook to scrap Instagram for kids plans – TechCrunch

In a new letter, attorneys general representing 44 U.states and territories are pressuring Facebook to walk away from new plans to open Instagram to children.“It appears that Facebook is not respond

NBC Pulls Out of Airing 2022 Golden Globes

NBC will not air the 2022 Golden Globes, the network said on Monday, the latest — and arguably largest — fallout for host organization the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which has been unde