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A jury says Intel owes $2.18 billion for infringing a zombie chip company’s patents

Intel may owe quite a bit of cash to a semiconductor company that hasn’t existed for 20 years.18 billion for infringing two patents owned by VLSI Technology, according to Bloomberg.The last time it

Microsoft says China-backed hackers are exploiting Exchange zero-days – TechCrunch

Microsoft is warning customers that a new China state-sponsored threat actor is exploiting four previously undisclosed security flaws in Exchange Server, an enterprise email product built by the softw

Unibright (UBT) price soars after DeFi staking and enterprise-level partnerships

As Bitcoin (BTC) and Etheruem (ETH)  gain legitimacy in top financial circles that will eventually help digital currencies mainstream, projects that offer enterprise-level blockchain solutions are al

Semrush to Publicly Sell Shares on New York Stock Exchange

Semrush By The NumbersSemrush Growth StrategiesSEO Community Thoughts.In a registration statement for the proposed IPO, it’s said that Semrush intends to list its Class A common stock under the tick

You can now buy a used Hyundai with Bitcoin, not just a Lambo

HGreg, a Quebec-based vehicle superstore with 30 North American locations, will begin accepting cryptocurrency payments for new or pre-owned vehicles this month.The auto dealer, which has locations in

Volvo launches C40 crossover, says it’s going all electric by 2030

Volvo announced that its lineup will consist only of electric cars by the end of this decade.And it took a step toward that goal by revealing a new fully electric car, the Volvo C40 Recharge.Announced

Humaans raises $5M seed to make it easier for companies to on-board and manage staff – TechCrunch

Humaans, a London-based HR startup, has raised $5 million in seed funding to accelerate the development of its employee on-boarding and management platform.Founded by former Qubit employees Giovanni L

Crypto.com to sponsor Aston Martin’s Formula 1 team

Cryptocurrency exchange service Crypto.With the deal in place, Aston Martin’s F1 cars will be emblazoned with the Crypto.com logo possibly providing significant exposure for the cryptocurrency excha

Ride-hailing giant Careem is taking its place in the world of super apps

The biggest service of its kind in the Middle East, Careem was acquired by Uber for $3.This move elevated the company to an exclusive club of applications providing multiple, integrated services: the

Twitter will ban you for spreading COVID-19 vaccine misinformation

As vaccines are rolling out across the world, Twitter wants to curb misinformation related to it by introducing a new strike system.The company said repeated offenders — accounts with five strikes