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Texas wants to protect privacy elements of blockchain companies, says Blockcap

Crypto mining company Blockcap, which recently announced it would be setting up new offices in Austin, said Texas could become an alluring region for the industry.In an exclusive interview with Cointe

5 emerging use cases for productivity infrastructure in 2021 – TechCrunch

Gleb Polyakov is co-founder and CEO of Nylas, which provides productivity infrastructure solutions for modern software.As a result, categories that make up productivity infrastructure — cloud commun

Arrival Developing Electric Vehicles Without Assembly Line

“This is about getting the best, optimal delivery vehicle for us,” Mr.Wall Street’s interest has encouraged a parade of fledgling companies — some, including Arrival, that are not yet selling

Algorand pledges carbon-negative blockchain

Smart contract platform Algorand plans to achieve a carbon-negative network by implementing a “sustainability oracle” in partnership with ClimateTrade, in a move that could make blockchain adoptio

Foxconn’s giant factory in Wisconsin sounded too good to be true. Turns out it was

But nearly four years later, the complex that promised to create a Silicon Valley in the industrial Midwest is essentially a white elephant, a collection of mostly empty buildings without any high-tec

College student sues Proctorio after source code copyright claim

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has filed a lawsuit against the remote testing company Proctorio on behalf of Miami University student Erik Johnson.The lawsuit is intended to “quash a campa

Snapchat Gains 15 Million Users, Tops Q1 Revenue Estimates

’s concerns it would get off to a slow start in 2021 look to be misguided, with the Snapchat parent company reporting on Thursday it added 15 million new users in Q1 and topped Wall Street’s sales

Why You Should Think Twice Before Wearing This Type Of Hair Jewelry

British brand Asos has been selling a piece of jewelry that is known in South Asian cultures as a Tikka.The fact that Asos was selling the headpiece wasn't what people were upset about.Asos ran into

Lessons from a bootstrapped CEO – TechCrunch

Glen Rabie is co-founder and CEO of Yellowfin, a global analytics and BI software vendor.It’s possibly the biggest question an entrepreneur will face.For founders who self-funded (bootstrapped) thei

Tesla crash prompts senators to push for new safety recommendations

Richard Blumenthal and Ed Markey have called on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to step in after a Tesla Model S crash in Texas that killed two people on Saturday, neither apparen