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Google is going to turn YouTube into a shopping hub

YouTube is testing a feature that would allow users to directly purchase products they see in videos, according to a report by Bloomberg.According to the report, YouTube recently began asking creator

Are ‘social tokens’ the next big thing?

Social tokens — or tokens backed by the reputation of an individual, brand, or community — are gaining traction and some believe they could be the next big thing in the cryptocurrency community.Gr

Independent News Creators ‘Thrive’ on YouTube

Major outlets like MSNBC and CNN often trail independent news channels when it comes to Youtube views and engagement.Viewers are nearly as likely to turn to independent news shows as they are big-bud

Judge rejects TikTok creators’ request to delay ban, says they won’t suffer ‘irreparable harm’

A judge in Pennsylvania has rejected a request from three TikTok content creators to temporarily block a ban on the app set to go into effect Sunday night, which would bar new downloads from Google an

Netflix Responds to GOP Senators’ Questions About Its ‘Three-Body Problem’ Adaptation

In a letter Friday night, Netflix responded to several questions posed by a group of GOP senators about its upcoming TV series adaptation of the Chinese sci-fi trilogy “The Three-Body Problem,” a

Pinterest officially launches new Story Pins format in beta – TechCrunch

Pinterest is announcing its spin on the increasingly popular stories format today — Story Pins, which combine multiple pages of images, videos, voiceover and overlaid text.Asked yesterday how Story

Kickstarter will let creators include bonus ‘add-on’ rewards for their campaigns

Kickstarter is making it easier for creators to give their backers more perks when supporting a campaign.Before this feature, creators had to ask backers to do the math on their end and manually incre

TikTok’s Chinese rival Kuaishou becomes a popular online bazaar – TechCrunch

In China, short video apps aren’t just for mindless time killing.On the heels of the announcement, Reuters reported that Kuaishou, a Tencent-backed company behind TikTok clone Zynn, is looking to ra

Google Unveils Fundo for Monetizing Video Events

Google announced a video event service called Fundo.Fundo helps video creators and small businesses monetize events.Creators can create events, set the event date and sell tickets.Fundo is an online s

The Venture Bros. Has Been Canceled

, the long-running Adult Swim show about the Venture family, has been cancelled.Jackson Publick, the show's co-creator, tweeted the news, which was set in stone some time ago.'We got the highly disapp