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Smart contract exploits are more ethical than hacking… or not?

There has been a lot of talk about the recent “hacks” in the decentralized finance realm, particularly in the cases of Harvest FInance and Pickle Finance.Related: Roundup of crypto hacks, exploits

Investors’ on-chain activity hints at Bitcoin price cycle top above $166,000

After breaking out of the two-months ascending triangle, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is firmly staying above $60,000.Furthermore, the current price is not even close to a short-term price top when comp

Mergers and acquisitions are rising, leaving crypto assessments in question

Fintech, cryptocurrency and mergers and acquisitions are poised to intersect significantly in the coming year.While this trend is likely to spur some exciting developments in the financial sector, it

Is DeFi yield appetite rising again? Enso raises $5M as YFI hits new highs

The appetite for DeFi is rising again as blue chips are rallying and yield-earning strategy-sharing platforms, like Enso, are on the rise.Enso, a platform where users can share yield-earning strategie

Chinese mining pools’ hash power plummets amid regional blackouts

The hashing power of top Bitcoin mining pools located in Northwest China appears to have plummeted due to a regional blackout to enable safety inspections.The news was reported by Wu Blockchain, the a

Brian Brooks defends fintech charter to House Financial Services Committee

Brian Brooks has defended the fintech banking charter introduced while he served as the acting comptroller of the currency after Congressional Democrats took aim at the license on Thursday.”.The fin

Email server breach sees Celsians targeted by phishing attacks

Crypto asset lending platform, Celsius Network, has revealed an email server breach that resulted in malicious phishing links being sent to customers.An April 15 announcement notes that some of Celsiu

Dogecoin (DOGE) and Maker (MKR) soar as the altcoin market cap tops $1T

Now that the Coinbase (COIN) stock listing is out of the way, the focus of traders has shifted back to the crypto market as Bitcoin (BTC) price works to regain its footing above $63,000 and altcoins m

Client malfunction brings down Ethereum’s most popular block explorer

The OpenEthereum client for Ethereum, formerly known as the Parity client, is reportedly malfunctioning for a number of users on Thursday afternoon UTC, including the popular block explorer Etherscan.

Chinese investors reboot Iranian Bitcoin mining facility

After four months of closure, Iran’s largest Bitcoin mining facility is set to resume its operations.Indeed, the Rafsanjan Bitcoin mining center reportedly consumes 175 megawatt-hour of electricity