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Waves Launched a Non-Profit Association Under German Law

According to a Feb. 3 press release, open source blockchain platform Waves established a non-profit organization called Waves Association in Frankfurt, Germany to provide effective governance for its

Platform Will Support More Cryptocurrencies and Possibly Lightning Network

During an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, BitPay CEO Stephen Pair said that the platform would soon add support for more cryptocurrencies, along with a possible Lighting Network integration.Wh

Blockchain Plays an Unlikely Role in the Global Battle for Human Rights

It’s a nightmarish scenario that is sadly familiar to many who are seeking work in foreign countries. Slavery and human trafficking — these are criminal industries that continue to flourish in man

Gartner Research: Smart Contract Adoption to Increase Data Quality by 50% Over 3 Years

Research conducted by Gartner Inc. predicts a 50 percent increase in overall data quality by 2023 for all businesses and organizations using blockchain smart contracts.“When an organization adopts b

Top Graphics Cards That Will Turn a Crypto Mining Profit

Those who believe in the growth and prospects of cryptocurrencies are constantly in search of various ways to turn a quick profit. [...] This method is suitable for those who follow exchange rates and

Tesla Stock Now Looks Exactly Like Bitcoin at $20K in 2017

Bitcoin (BTC) hit all-time highs of $20,000 in December 2017 before retracing — but another stock is now echoing its journey to an almost identical degree.Data from markets collated by crypto ventur

Bitspark Fades Out Following COO Maxine Ryan’s Departure

Hong Kong-based remittance startup Bitspark is shutting down next month. CEO and co-founder George Harrap announced Monday that the company, with operations in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia an

Smart Contracts Limit Data Availability, But Improve Its Quality

The latest analysis by research firm Gartner has painted a mixed picture of the benefits that blockchain-based smart contracts can offer enterprises.While the study, published Jan. 30, concluded that

Craig Wright Accused of Confusing Trial Proceedings

The counsel for the estate of Dave Kleiman has accused self-proclaimed “Satoshi Nakamoto” Craig Wright of abusing attorney client privilege to withhold documents and confuse trial proceedings.On F

Bitcoin Price May Hit $27K All-Time High by Summer, Predicts Tom Lee

Bitcoin (BTC) is primed for average gains of almost 200% over the next six months, one of its best-known supporters has told mainstream media. Finance on Feb. 4, Tom Lee, co-founder at Fundstrat Globa