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Microsoft wants to reduce its Xbox store cut and shake up console gaming

Microsoft has been planning to cut its Xbox store cut to just 12 percent, according to confidential documents filed in the Epic Games vs.The software maker details its store fees and changes in a docu

Sorry, There Is No NC-17 Version Of Mrs. Doubtfire (But An R-Rated Cut Exists)

There was a lot of chatter recently about explicit versions of the family movie Mrs.Doubtfire starring Robin Williams, and now the director has weighed in to set the record straight.Chris Columbus to

All the changes between the two ‘Justice League’ movies

If you thought the opening scene of Zack Snyder's Justice League was a far cry in tone from the 2017 version of the film.IGN released an 11-minute video (if that seems a bit long, remember: Justice L

‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ fans insist there’s a rumored NC-17 cut in existence after viral tweet

Fans of the 1993 film starring Robin Williams are demanding to see the racy NC-17 version of the film after a viral tweet suggested it exists.Twitter account Film Facts claimed that the late actor 'im

The Best Shoulder-Length Hairstyles Of 2021

Some shoulder-length hairstyles come and go, but the shag is here to stay.It can look like a more traditional shoulder-length style, or you can opt for the more mullet version.Justine Marjan, a glob

Another super intense trailer for Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ just dropped

Zack Snyder's Justice League begins streaming on HBO Max this week, and on Sunday, fans were treated to an extensive final trailer for the much-anticipated cut.Snyder, who directed the film, stepped

Comedian Ted Alexandro Accuses ‘SNL’ of Jacking His Zillow Joke

'SNL' has a new sketch about how sexy Zillow listings really are -- but now .Ted Alexandro has been railing on the writers from 'Saturday Night Live' all day Sunday, claiming their now-viral skit --

Own Donnie Darko In 4K Ultra HD With This New Blu-Ray Collector’s Set

The new Donnie Darko 4K UHD limited edition from Arrow Video releases April 27, and you can preorder it now for $60 on Amazon.The new Donnie Darko 4K Ultra HD limited edition includes both the theatri

Apple execs discussed not ‘leaving money on the table’ when setting Apple TV subscription fees.-

In Apple and Epic’s ongoing court battle over App Store fees, one of the key sticking points has been Apple’s insistence on maintaining a 30 percent cut as a cornerstone of the storefront.But newl

Watch Jeff Daniels’ Speech About Trump’s Lies in Cut ‘Comey Rule’ Scene

“The Comey Rule” writer and director Billy Ray revealed Saturday a cut scene from the Showtime limited series, in which Jeff Daniels’ FBI director James Comey gives a speech about President Don