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Opinion | Is Hong Kong’s Security Law Bad for China?

The national security law did put an end to protests, it is quelling open calls for Hong Kong’s independence or simply its right to self-determination and it is silencing much of the formal oppositi

Hong Kong Charges 47 Democracy Supporters With Violating Security Law

HONG KONG — Dozens of pro-democracy figures who were rounded up and detained last month were arrested again on Sunday and charged with violating Hong Kong’s harsh new national security law, the la

Biden’s ‘radical’ foreign policy agenda is giving Iran ‘out’ to become nuclear state: Rep. Turner

President Biden’s 'radical' foreign policy agenda is 'turning upside down our Middle East policy' and giving Iran an 'out' to become a nuclear state with a return to the Obama-era nuclear deal, Rep.

Biden Defends Democracy at Summits With European Allies, Seeing China as ‘Stiff’ Competition

WASHINGTON—President Biden defended leading democracies’ ability to unite for the good of their citizens as authoritarian China has bounced back more quickly from the Covid-19 pandemic and is inc

Biden issues statement on Trump impeachment acquittal: Substance of charge ‘not in dispute’

President Joe Biden issued a statement late Saturday, hours after the U.Senate voted to acquit former President Donald Trump on an article of impeachment for 'inciting an insurrection' in connection w

Ten years ago I watched as protesters toppled Egypt’s brutal regime. Now their hopes of a new era of freedom lie in tatters

A few days after the revolutionary high of the 2011 anti-regime protests in Cairo, demanding the resignation of then Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the mood had shifted.We were told to pack our thi

American ideological imperialism is leading to a bad end

When it was learned in 2016 that Russia may have hacked the emails of John Podesta and the DNC, and passed the fruits on to WikiLeaks to aid candidate Donald Trump, mighty was the outrage of the Ameri

Tucker Carlson Defends Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘She Just Got There’

Carlson used his monologue to accuse cable news networks CNN and MSNBC of ignoring world news regarding President Joe Biden to focus on covering Greene’s outrageous comments and the subsequent call

RNC chairwoman expresses regret over Giuliani news conference

The chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), Ronna Romney McDaniel, says in a new interview that she regrets letting former President TrumpDonald TrumpBiden reverses Trump last-minute attempt

Washington was a guiding light. Now it’s a case study in how democracy dies — Meanwhile in America

In a statement on Saturday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's spokeswoman praised Ugandans for braving 'an environment of intimidation and fear' to cast votes in national elections.But it's awfully bol