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Are anti-inflammatories safe if you have coronavirus?

According to The Guardian, French health officials reported that anti-inflammatory drugs can be dangerous as they can weaken the response of your body's immune system.While not everyone is convinced t

Opinion | Working at Home? Self-Isolation Doesn’t Have to Be Lonely

Each session runs for a set period — an hour, two hours or more, depending on the day.Yes, because it’s all set up.I often use the sessions to take care of tasks with a clear beginning and end —

Idris Elba Says He Has COVID-19, Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Play video content Breaking News Idris Elba got back his coronavirus test, and it ain't good news.The actor says he's contracted COV

These images of matches perfectly illustrate how we can help stop coronavirus from spreading

As coronavirus — which results in the respiratory disease COVID-19 — continues to spread around the world, talk of social distancing is dominating the news cycle.It's clear that some people, such

Coronavirus cure? Disease experts using HIV, malaria drugs to ‘wipe out’ COVID-19

(Pixabay)Infectious-disease researchers in Australia believe they have discovered two existing drugs that could 'cure' COVID-19, claiming patients have responded well to treatment.DailyMail.com report

Her Cancer Surgery Was Canceled at a Hospital Bracing for Coronavirus

Surgeries that have been postponed so far include hip and knee replacements, A.Doctors at EvergreenHealth, whose hospital in Kirkland, Wash., has borne the brunt of the pandemic like no other in Ameri

Chart: Confirmed coronavirus cases in the US are in line with Italy and Iran

America is testing people for coronavirus at a lower rate than other developed countries, and yet the data also shows the rate of people diagnosed with Covid-19 in the US is steadily rising, as quickl

Colorado nurse who had coronavirus: It’s not what I expected

A Colorado nurse says her bout of coronavirus started with the “sniffles” — but soon involved nightmarish symptoms that were “nothing” like what she expected, according to a report.On the pl

Two Emergency Room Doctors Are in Critical Condition With Coronavirus

SEATTLE — Two emergency medicine doctors, in New Jersey and Washington State, are in critical condition as a result of coronavirus, reinforcing concerns that the nation’s front-line medical worker

GM, Ford, Fiat Chrysler join UAW to form coronavirus task force – TechCrunch

The Big 3 Detroit automakers — GM, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles — have partnered with United Auto Workers to form a task force aimed at protecting workers and limiting the spread of COVID-1