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Florida children rescued after driver crashes into pond while fleeing deputies

A car chase in Florida led to a harrowing rescue Thursday when the fleeing driver crashed into a pond with two children in the back seat.The driver was identified as 30-year-old Jonathan Mark DeLoac

Basic car automation is enough to make drivers more distracted

A study from an American insurance and road safety body has found that drivers become complacent when using vehicles equipped with even basic partial automation features.According to the Insurance In

Big Sky Premiere Ends With a Bloody Twist

Well, if you tuned into the premiere of ABC's new drama Big Sky because you're a big fan of Ryan Phillippe, we've got some bad news for you—he's not sticking around.In the fourth, a man named Cody (

Lewis Hamilton equals Michael Schumacher’s record of seven world titles

To win Formula One's drivers' championship at Istanbul Park, the Mercedes driver needed to finish eight points ahead of teammate Valtteri Bottas and did so with ease in often treacherous conditions, s

Uber will now let users book rides 30 days in advance and pick a favorite driver – TechCrunch

Uber is rolling out a new feature this week that will let users reserve rides up to 30 days in advance and pick their favorite driver for the trip as the ride-hailing company seeks out new ways to at

Driver Allegedly Causes Crash at Trump Rally, Detained by Supporters

Play video content @ab3anater / Instagram .police in Santa Maria, CA say a 20-year-old driver was cited for crashing into cars near a pro-Trump demonstration Sunday, and witnesses detained him at the

After Prop 22’s passage, Uber is taking its lobbying effort global – TechCrunch

Fresh off of its success on Election Day, Uber is signaling that it will continue to push laws similar to the Proposition 22 measure approved by California voters that will keep gig workers classified

Uber and Lyft-backed Prop. 22 passes in big loss for California’s gig drivers

58 percent of California voters cast their ballot for Proposition 22, meaning ride-hailing companies' drivers in the state will continue to be classified as independent contractors instead of employee

Uber can continue to push pro-Prop 22 messages at drivers in its app, court says

Uber can continue to send messages in its app to drivers about a California ballot measure that would exempt gig economy companies from having to classify workers as employees, a judge ruled late Wedn

Uber’s ‘robo-firing’ of drivers targeted in latest European lawsuit – TechCrunch

Uber is facing another legal challenge in Europe related to algorithmic decision making.“In each of the cases the drivers were dismissed after Uber said its systems had detected fraudulent activity