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Ellen Page To Star In A New Video Game Movie About eSports

Ellen Page and former Disney star Paris Berelc are set to appear in a new video game-themed movie from BuzzFeed Studios.'The story centers on a female gamer named Vivian Lee who quits her college eSp

Check out these League of Legends jerseys designed by Heron Preston

The League of Legends World Championship kicks off this week, and teams want to look their best — so Korean side Gen.G partnered with famed streetwear designer Heron Preston for their new Worlds jer

How FaZe Clan is continuing to lead the esports world – TechCrunch

The esports world is evolving quickly and so are the professional organizations that drive it.Carter first explained the motivation behind his interest in investing in FaZe Clan.“My diligence in thi

This giant scorpion is really a zero-gravity gaming chair and computer workstation

Behold the Cluvens scorpion chair and computer workstation.Cluvens If you're looking for the ultimate computer workstation or esports gaming chair, and you want to pretend you're trapped inside a gia

OG partners with blockchain-based gaming technology company

Esports organization OG has partnered with a blockchain-based gaming technology company DMScript.The partnership with OG will also allow DMScript to gain more insight into the needs of the esports ind

AOC’s ‘Twitch’ amendment, to limit US military ads, fails: reports

In a 292-126 vote Thursday night, the U.military recruitment ads, according to a report.The more than 2-to-1 defeat of the Democrat’s plan means the military may continue posting recruitment ads on

US Army pauses video game streams after accusations of violating free speech

The US Army has paused streaming video games on Twitch as an outreach and recruitment tool after facing criticism for banning viewers who asked its streamers about US war crimes.The pause was first re

The Internet Has Declared War On The U.S. Army Esports Discord Channel

Soon, a new speedrun challenge spawned on Twitter where users competed to get banned from the US Army esports Discord server the fastest, Polygon reported.The server was flooded with users posting in

Lockdown forced sports to go virtual. The experience will change it forever

Two years ago I traveled to Katowice, Poland, to make a short video documentary about e-sports.“To see it empty was utterly heartbreaking,” says Michal Blicharz, vice president of pro gaming at ES

Faze Clan is launching a Quibi reality show to sign its next gaming star

Gaming entertainment and e-sports organization Faze Clan is taking a unique approach to signing who it hopes will become the next big gaming star: a reality show. The Los Angeles-based company has par