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NYC school holding event on ‘raising our babies to value anti-racism’

A Manhattan private school for young children is hosting an event for parents to learn about raising babies to value anti-racism.Kendi's book, 'Antiracist Baby' is being used by educators.'This event

The Outlook for Public Schools in N.Y.C.

Weather: Mostly cloudy with a high in the low 60s.Until now, school buildings have closed for 10 days when two unrelated coronavirus cases were detected, regardless of the source of infection.But on T

Education non-profit Edraak ignored a student data leak for two months – TechCrunch

Edraak, an online education non-profit, exposed the private information of thousands of students after uploading student data to an unprotected cloud storage server, apparently by mistake.The organiza

Teaching news research gives your students a superpower 

I scoured public records to find relatives, friends and neighbors, searched the web for job histories or personal blogs, and dug into news articles, obituaries or marriage announcements.For the past 1

Teachers unions continue negotiations even after 80% of teachers get vaccinated

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced Tuesday that 80% of all teachers, school staff and childcare workers in the U.'.But despite the rapidly increasing number of shots admini

Researchers develop health tech tool that can detect vital signs from a person’s face via video

A demonstration of a new system that uses video footage to collect pulse and heart rate information.At an international health conference this week, scientists with the University of Washington and Mi

California teens can go to an amusement park but can’t go to math class

Over one year into the coronavirus pandemic that rocked the economy and shut down in-person teaching, many students across California are still unable to receive in-person teaching.In Oakland, an agre

2 states putting students first, set standard for others

In West Virginia, that would barely register as a bump in the road.West Virginia has some of the best whitewater rafting.Legislators in Charleston and Tallahassee are on the verge of enacting educ

New curriculum mandates teaching atheism in public schools

A new curriculum for teaching religion in Wales mandates that atheism be given 'equal footing' with Christianity and any other faith.K.'s Christian Institute said the Welsh parliament has voted to r

Steven Spurrier, Who Upended Wine World With a Tasting, Dies at 79

Spurrier, he leveraged the tasting into different careers in wine, with both triumphs and failures.By 1980 he had opened two wine bars, Bistrot à Vin and the Blue Fox, as well as a restaurant, Moulin