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Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm floats federal subsidies for nuclear power plants

The Biden administration is floating federal support for the nuclear power industry in a bid to boost carbon-free energy to meet its emissions goals.'The DOE has not historically subsidized plants but

Bitcoin mining in China set for ‘stricter supervision’ due to carbon concerns

China’s crypto mining operations may be set for stricter supervision in the future, with the Government reportedly concerned about the energy consumption of Bitcoin mining in particular.Beijing sent

How Michelle Obama Really Feels About Having An Empty Nest

And in a sit down with Oprah in 2020, Michelle Obama explained how the energy of the house changed once the girls left, saying, 'Parenting takes up a lot of emotional space.Obama described her time as

AOC slams Republicans for using statistics, studies to debunk her Green New Deal claims

(DAILY WIRE) – Celebrating “Earth Day,” Rep.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed Republicans for using “statistics and studies” in their opposition to her Green New Deal proposals, which include

How To Improve Your Relationship Based On Your Zodiac Rising Sign

According to The Enso, there are four rising signs elements: Air, fire, earth, and water.The Enso revealed that the air elements have friendly and inquisitive personality traits, which means you encou

Digital art NFTs are all the rage — but they’re horrible for Mother Earth

What about a work of art that has no tangible form, and exists only as a digital token that’s no more “real” than a JPEG file? Welcome to the strange world of crypto art collectibles, also known

The One Crystal You Need To Get If You’re A Leo

With a strong character and big heart that leave behind jolts of energy everywhere they go, it's no wonder Leos need crystals that bring some energy back to them.As Leos love getting creative, whether

‘Better informed’ now turning away from ‘green’ agenda

(Image by Peter Dargatz from Pixabay).As better-informed people increasingly turn to responsible use of fossil fuels and nuclear power, political leaders continue to pursue a false “green” promis

The key to making AI green is quantum computing

At the current rate of growth, it appears we’ll have to turn Earth into Coruscant if we want to keep spending unfathomable amounts of energy training systems such as GPT-3 .The problem: Simply put,

True or false? A single NFT can power a European household for 1.5 months

The recent boom in non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, has been accompanied with controversy and concern over the technology’s environmental impact due to the computational power required.Out of all trans