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What the Oversight Board’s action on Trump’s ban means for fact-checking on Facebook

Facebook’s Oversight Board decided to uphold the platform’s indefinite suspension of the former president after he shared supportive messages of his supporters’ siege of the U.Facebook should r

Chicago Sun-Times editorial board celebrates Facebook’s decision to uphold Trump ban: ‘Let’s keep it that way’

The editorial board of the Chicago Sun-Times celebrated Facebook's decision to uphold its ban of former President Trump.'Good news for America: Trump still relegated to scrawling on bathroom walls,' t

Facebook ban remains, but somehow Trump is still driving the news

This just in…Donald Trump still banned by Facebook!.'The Facebook Ban Hurt Trump in Surprising Ways.'.'If Facebook Takes Trump Back Today, Will Twitter?'.'‘It Really Fs the other 24 Wannabes’–

‘Like a Bullhorn Without Batteries’ (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel took some time during his monologue Wednesday night to talk about the fact that Donald Trump remains banned on Facebook and Instagram and as you have probably already guessed, he thinks

Nick Clegg Steers Facebook’s Trump Decision

Facebook wanted Mr.Clegg had initially been reluctant to join Facebook, one of the world’s most polarizing corporations.In a memo outlining how he envisioned the role, he argued that it was unsustai

What Is the Facebook Oversight Board?

An independent panel called the Facebook Oversight Board on Wednesday upheld Facebook’s ban on former President Donald J.Trump, but said the company must review its decision to impose an indefinite

Facebook board upholds Trump ban

Facebook suspended Donald Trump's account in January after the US Capitol riots and since the suspension, the former President has not changed his messaging, according to CNN political analyst Jackie

Gillmor Gang: Walk the Dinosaur

Clubhouse hosted another excellent conversation between Josh Constine and Facebook’s audio czar Fidji Simo.The talk was crisp and the strategies thick with optimism about the creator economy.It rem

English soccer teams have started a four-day social media boycott to protest online abuse

English soccer teams and organizations are all shutting down their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for the weekend as part of a massive social media blackout to advocate for better policies

Facebook says it blocked #ResignModi posts “by mistake” — but it hardly seems like an accident

Last night, when most of India was sleeping, Facebook temporarily blocked posts that included the #ResignModi hashtag— criticizing the Prime Minister‘s handling of the raging Coronavirus pandemic