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legal experts weigh in on ‘disturbing’ technology

It was recently revealed that in 2017 Microsoft patented a chatbot that, if built, would digitally resurrect the dead.Using AI and machine learning, the proposed chatbot would bring our digital perso

Australia’s Contentious New Media Law Roasted in Hilarious Fake Government Ad (Video)

Australia passed a new law on Thursday that requires tech giants to pay for the news shared by users on their platforms.But in a hilarious new clip, Australian political comedy outfit The Juice News

Opinion | How to Get Really Rich!

I know money can’t buy you love, but wouldn’t it be nice to have enough money to buy whatever else you want?.For example, if you want to become rich, tech may be a less likely way than you suppose

Facebook, Google Required to Pay for News Content by New Australian Law

Australia passed a new law on Thursday that will force tech companies to pay news outlets for their content, a law that, if copied around the world, could have a dramatic impact on Facebook and Googl

Australia passes law requiring Facebook and Google to pay for news content

The Australian government has passed a new law requiring Google and Facebook to negotiate with news outlets to pay for their content or face arbitration.“This legislation will help level the playing

Facebook Reaches Deal With Australia to Restore News

reached a deal with the Australian government to restore news pages to the social media company’s platform, following a five-day hiatus because of a disagreement over payment for content.Facebook re

Facebook strikes a deal to bring news back to its News Feed in Australia

Facebook has reached an agreement with the Australian government and said it’ll restore news links and pages on its platform in the coming days.While the company didn’t give details on what step

Facebook reaches deal to reverse Australia’s news ban

Australian Facebook users and Pages will have their ability to share news links restored in the coming days, according to a statement released on Tuesday afternoon by the country's federal treasurer.A

WhatsApp explains what happens if you don’t accept its new privacy policy

WhatsApp has detailed what will happen to users who don’t accept its new privacy policy in an FAQ on its website.What the new privacy policy relates to is messages sent to businesses, which may be s

Six more alleged Oath Keepers charged over Capitol riot

Federal prosecutors announced charges on Friday against six people affiliated with the right-wing paramilitary group Oath Keepers for their roles in the Capitol riot last month.All six were arrested t