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‘Extremely obese’ owl released back into wild after being put on strict diet

An “extremely obese” owl was released back into the wild late last month after she was put on a strict diet by a British sanctuary.The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, on England’s east coast, said the ow

Tech company Super Bowl ads said as little as possible

Two quick things: One, there were major formatting issues with Thursday’s newsletter; Revue says it was a bug. If you recoiled in horror from the formatting and skipped the (magnificent!) column, yo

Facebook sends cease-and-desist to facial recognition startup Clearview AI over photo scraping

Facial recognition software startup Clearview AI has been under fire over revelations it's been training its machine learning algorithm on billions of publicly available photos, including public perso

Child-Welfare Activists Attack Facebook Over Encryption Plans

WASHINGTON — New opponents confronted Facebook on Wednesday as it moves forward with a plan to encrypt all of its messaging platforms: child welfare advocates who said that encryption would allow ch

Facebook adds more parental controls to Messenger Kids app

New changes for Messenger Kids Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. Facebook announced on Tuesday it intends to roll

Iowa conspiracy theories are testing Facebook’s misinformation policy

Iowa state officials and Democratic Party members are fighting online misinformation and conspiracies alongside widespread technical problems, and the resulting chaos is putting platforms’ newly rel

Iowa Misinformation Spreads Online, Despite New Policies

Since 2016, social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have vowed to crack down on misinformation related to elections. Monday, they faced their first big test, when delayed results f

Opinion | Can the Democrats Afford Another Tech Disaster?

The truth is that Mr. Obama was only sort of techie. In the Obama years, Silicon Valley consolidated its influence and centralized its power without oversight. In addition, the idea took hold that the

Instagram brought in $20 billion in ad revenue last year, more than a quarter of Facebook’s earnings

Instagram isn’t the biggest moneymaker for Facebook, but it certainly plays a major role in generating revenue for the social media company. Bloomberg reports today that the app brought in $20 billi

The Only Safe Election Is a Low-Tech Election

But Democrats should also blame their party’s leadership for entrusting such an important process to new technology in the first place — not just in Iowa, but in places like Nevada, where Democrat