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Joe Exotic Hires Attorney Who Repped Family of Don Lewis

Joe Exotic is getting the best revenge he can against Carole Baskin -- hiring the attorney who recently repped the family of her missing husband .Phillips of the Phillips & Hunt firm broke the news T

Fox News Hires Former Trump Spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany joined Fox News as an on-air contributor, the network announced Tuesday.While interviewing McEnany on her show “The Faulkner Focus,” Harris Fau

If You Love House Hunting And The Wilderness, This Discovery+ Show Is For You

A show that may have aired ahead of its time, Living Big Sky's resurgence might come from the increased demand for housing out West.News & World Report explains that people living all over the United

Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Details ‘Very Close Call With Death’ Following Attack

Lady Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer, who was shot last week in Los Angeles while walking the star’s French bulldogs, has spoken out for the first time about the horrific attack.I will write and s

This Early Bugsnax Idea Sure Is Alarming

An early concept posted by developer Young Horses shows the studio almost leaned right into that horror element, requiring players to peel and prepare the adorable Bugsnax before feeding them to chara

Seniors Seeking Vaccines Have a Problem: They Can’t Use the Internet

Plenty of seniors do feel comfortable texting, tweeting and surfing the internet.When vaccine sign-ups began, staff on the phones fielded thousands of questions about how to book appointments.Area Age

Louisiana police officer fatally shot over alleged mask dispute at high school basketball game

A Louisiana police officer providing security at a high school basketball game in New Orleans was shot and killed following a mask-related dispute, authorities said, and a suspect was immediately take

25 Secrets About Pretty in Pink Revealed

8.Originally, Hughes envisioned The Breakfast Club star Anthony Michael Hall as Duckie.'It was shocking to John because John felt like he was his son,' Deutch told Den of Geek.You know, all those kid

Jonah Hill Shrugs Off Body Insecurity Issues After Shirtless Photo Is Published

Jonah Hill has gotten over his decades-long battle with body insecurity and is telling all those kids out there “who don’t take their shirt off at the pool” that they are “wonderful and aweso

Watch Cardi B and Daughter Kulture Take You on a Tour of an Aquarium

Cardi B had a family day at the aquarium, and brought fans along for the ride.Cardi documented the field trip with her family on her Instagram Story, which showed the trio at nearly every point on the