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Some genius made an ebike out of washing machine parts — and it can hit 110kph

Sabotage your washing machine to build your own ebike, of course!.The picture below tells you everything you need to know to be honest.Redditor, Jimminecraftguy, took a 1,100 watt brushless direct cur

Julián And Joaquin Castro’s Stepmother Dies From COVID-19

“My stepmom, Alice Guzman, passed away today from COVID-19,” Joaquin Castro announced on Twitter late Thursday.“She and my dad were married for 31 years,” Castro continued, describing Guzman a

Naya Rivera Seemed ”Really Happy” and ”Excited” for Her Future Prior to Boating Accident

Naya Rivera was preparing for a bright future with her son by her side prior to her tragic disappearance, multiple sources tell E! News.Authorities are still searching for the 33-year-old Glee actres

Kanye West in Midst of Bipolar Episode, Family Concerned

Kanye West is in the throes of a serious bipolar episode, our Kanye sources say, and those around him are concerned it has impacted his decision-making and some of the things he's said in the last we

The Famicom Design Was Based On A Scarf, And Other Fun Facts From Nintendo’s Past Revealed

Masayuki Uemura, the engineer who designed the Famicom, is an important figure in Nintendo's history--albeit one who is not talked about as much as Shigeru Miyamoto, Satoru Iwata, Gunpei Yokoi, or Hi

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope’s Will Poulter Tells Us How Bandersnatch Prepared Him For The Game

Poulter, who recently starred as '80s game developer Colin Ritman in interactive Black Mirror Netflix movie Bandersnatch, has now moved on to playing a character in a video game that is also focused o

The truth about Maddie Ziegler’s bond with her sister

When Dance Moms started filming, Maddie Ziegler was 8 years old and her sister Mackenzie Ziegler was 6.' Maddie said that she felt like she and Mackenzie had both missed out on a normal childhood.

Gwyneth Paltrow Gets 14-Year-Old Son Moses A ‘Boob Puzzle’

Here’s one way to keep a teen from playing too many video games.Gwyneth Paltrow got her 14-year-old son Moses a jigsaw puzzle featuring sketches of breasts to keep him busy during their coronavirus

12-Year-Old Dancer Attacked in Missouri Gets Lift from Friends, Family and Fundraiser

Play video content Exclusive 7/3/20 Michael Crank Curry/Facebook .Ethan's mom says the remainder of the money raised will go toward his tuition at the Fingerprint Urban Dance Studio, in Cape Girardeau

89% Worry What Happens to Their Crypto After They Die

Most younger crypto holders don’t have any kind of plan to pass down their digital assets when they die.According to a survey conducted among 1,150 participants between October 2019 and June  2020