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Italy Turns to Flower Power to Help Spread Vaccine Message

ROME — This has been an ugly year for Italy.The second wave somehow took the government by surprise and has killed thousands more.To brighten things up as Italians await the vaccine, the government

How many First Impression Rose winners won The Bachelor

In all the 24 seasons of the original show, only two men have given both the First Impression rose and the final rose to the same woman (per Refinery29).Of those two couples, only one has gone the di

A happy ending after homeless woman’s story featured on TV

'Hey Q-Q!' Shirley Raines calls out.Raines says Skid Row's main area can be 'very territorial,' so that's why Q and other members of the gay and transgender community live a few blocks away.'If you ca

A moth may outsmart smog by learning to like pollution-altered aromas

Scientists have established that air pollutants scramble those fragrances, throwing off the tracking abilities of such beneficial insects as honeybees (SN: 4/24/08).But new lab experiments demonstrate

Kobe Bryant’s 42nd Birthday Celebrated by Murals, Nike, Vanessa

Murals honoring Kobe have popped up all over the globe, especially in the hometown of the Lakers .331 murals around the world.One mural in mid-City pays homage to Kobe, his daughter Gianna and the 7

A flashy parasite challenges usual notions of what a plant is

There are lots of ways to describe Langsdorffia flowers, but parasitic-plant specialist Chris Thorogood says they “absolutely look to me like deep-sea creatures.The mix of flashy sexual parts and su

Colvin raises $15M to rethink the flower supply chain – TechCrunch

At first glance, Colvin — which recently announced that it has raised a $15 million Series B — might look like just another flower and plant delivery company, but co-founder and CEO Andres Cester

Streaming this week: Patton Oswalt on Netflix, ‘The Great’ on Hulu, and ‘Homecoming’

If you’re caught up on all your binge watching (my current obsession is The Good Fight because a) Diane’s wardrobe and b) what the hell is Memo 618?!) and need something new to stream, here are fi

For Mothers Day, Lowe’s promises to deliver $1M in flowers to senior homes

Lowe’s is donating $1 million worth of flowers to nursing homes around the United States this Mother’s Day as the coronavirus pandemic keeps some families from celebrating together.”.Lowe’s is

How Mark Consuelos Tried—and Failed—to Catch Kelly Ripa Cheating

We're not a love doctor, but here's a reminder that communication is key in relationships.Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are one of Hollywood's most successful—and beloved—couples in the public ey