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Sacha Baron Cohen, ‘The Flight Attendant’ Showrunner Steve Yockey

This week on “TheWrap-Up,” hosts Sharon Waxman and Daniel Goldblatt discussed the drama behind the scenes at ABC News, the extremely low-rated Golden Globe Awards and the conundrum at CNN over br

Laverne Cox Said to Google ‘Extradiegetic,’ So We Did

Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly.“It’s a period piece that is so much fun,” the “Promising Young Woman” actress said.“The anachronisms, the music — when it’

Google Says Word Count Not a Quality Factor

Will Adding Relevant Content Help Rankings?Updating Content is Not a Simple ProcessIs Content Quality Linked to Word Count?What About Thin Content?Improving Articles for Better RankingsCitation.Google

You SHOULD wave at the end of video calls — here’s why

It’s been brought to my attention that some people think you shouldn’t wave at the end of video calls.We’ve been running on video calls for almost a decade, and we’re all big end-of-meeting wa

Australia’s Contentious New Media Law Roasted in Hilarious Fake Government Ad (Video)

Australia passed a new law on Thursday that requires tech giants to pay for the news shared by users on their platforms.But in a hilarious new clip, Australian political comedy outfit The Juice News

Facebook, Google Required to Pay for News Content by New Australian Law

Australia passed a new law on Thursday that will force tech companies to pay news outlets for their content, a law that, if copied around the world, could have a dramatic impact on Facebook and Googl

Australia passes law requiring Facebook and Google to pay for news content

The Australian government has passed a new law requiring Google and Facebook to negotiate with news outlets to pay for their content or face arbitration.“This legislation will help level the playing

Google says it’s working to get ‘Hey Google’ working on Wear OS again

Activating the Google Assistant by saying “Hey Google” has been broken for months, according to a report from 9to5Google.They say the assistant isn’t completely unusable, as users are still able

Playing HTML5 games on Chrome for Android is gonna get a lot easier

Google has now understood that this might not be the best way to find these games, so now, it’s promoting them in Chrome for Android.Google announced today that it’s putting a games section in Chr

Google on SEO Best Practices for News Sites & Short Articles

Google’s John Mueller answers questions about SEO best practices for news websites, particularly as it relates to publishing shorter articles.News sites shouldn’t be overly concerned with the leng