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Hong Kong Pushes ‘Fake News’ Label as Media Face ‘Worst of Times’

HONG KONG — The glossy pamphlet from the police, delivered to newsrooms in Hong Kong, declared: “Know the Facts: Rumors and Lies Can Never Be Right.The city’s leader, Carrie Lam, said on Wednesd

Germany resists calls to waive patents on Covid-19 vaccines

US President Joe Biden said Wednesday the US would support the easing of patent rules on Covid-19 vaccines, potentially expanding global supplies, as a devastating wave envelops India and calls grow l

‘Like a Bullhorn Without Batteries’ (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel took some time during his monologue Wednesday night to talk about the fact that Donald Trump remains banned on Facebook and Instagram and as you have probably already guessed, he thinks

N.Y.C. Board Votes to Extend Rent Freeze.-

The panel that sets rents for more than two million New York City residents signaled on Wednesday that it may again freeze rents for some of them, a move that would be a boon to tenants but a blow to

Federal Judge Strikes Down Moratorium on Evicting Renters

Owners of residential apartment buildings have long argued that the moratorium is based on legally shaky ground, and questioned the constitutionality of tethering a major intervention in the nation’

Shakira Shares A Powerful Tweet In Support Of Colombian Protesters

' In a third tweet, Shakira called directly on  the Colombian government to 'take urgent measures, to stop the human rights violations, and to restore the value of human life over that of any polit

Confucius Institutes ‘collapsing’ across U.S.

Only a few weeks ago, President Biden worked quietly to restore China's ability to influence American education through its Communist Party-financed Confucius Institutes on campuses.He dropped a requ

Trump’s Scottish Golf Resorts Took $800,000 In Taxpayer Funds To Save Jobs, But Cut Workers

Donald Trump’s two Scottish golf resorts collected up to $800,000 in subsidies from the British government to protect jobs during COVID-19 but fired “scores” of workers, a top union complained

Biden’s Proposals Aim to Give Sturdier Support to the Middle Class

Skeptics have warned of government overreach and the risk that deficit spending could ignite inflation, but Mr.He underscored the point by singling out workers as the dynamo powering the middle class.

Institute argues for free speech for corporations, too

The Rutherford Institute, which often finds itself arguing on behalf of individual and religious rights, has joined a case pending before the Supreme Court and is arguing this time for the free speec