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UK bans new Huawei 5G network gear from September

The UK's big play against Huawei all comes to a head next September.According to the government, all Huawei 5G equipment must be removed from networks by 2027.Telecoms providers are allowed to keep an

Trump rages against ’60 Minutes’ for interview with Krebs

President TrumpDonald John TrumpPennsylvania Supreme Court strikes down GOP bid to stop election certification Biden looks to career officials to restore trust, morale in government agencies Sunday sh

Lieutenant governor: Trump campaign would get its ‘clock cleaned’ if it appeals Pennsylvania ruling to Supreme Court

Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor said late Saturday that he is hopeful President TrumpDonald John TrumpPennsylvania Supreme Court strikes down GOP bid to stop election certification Biden looks to

If Trump has evidence of mass voter fraud, he himself must act

If President Donald J.To be blunt and to the point, The Donald, using his presidential powers and authority, could declare martial law or its equivalent, that is, freeze things until all facts are kno

Lewis Hamilton addresses F1’s ‘massive problem’ with human rights

Hamilton has emerged as a strong voice for diversity and racial equality in the past few months, and he addressed the issue of human rights at a news conference Thursday.Hamilton's comments were promp

Exchanges outdo auctions for governments cashing in criminal crypto, says exec

Earlier this week, Lithuania's tax service, the Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate, added $7.However, unlike the United States Federal Marshals, which netted $37 million at auction from confiscated cry

UK to set up ‘pro-competition’ regulator to put limits on big tech – TechCrunch

The UK is moving ahead with a plan to regulate big tech, responding to competition concerns over a ‘winner takes all’ dynamic in digital markets.It will set up a new Digital Market Unit (DMU) to o

Hundreds sentenced to life in prison in Turkey’s attempted coup trial

A total of 475 defendants were tried in the high-profile case that focused on the events in the Akinci Air Base in Ankara, which the prosecutor argued was the main command center for the coup plot.Nin

Two Texas Men Charged With Scheme to Sell 50 Million Nonexistent N95 Masks

Two Houston-area men have been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges that they negotiated a deal to sell 50 million nonexistent N95 masks to a foreign government in an attempt to defraud it out

Australian government embraces blockchain with new trial and public servants’ network

The Australian government is trialing the use of blockchain technology for inter-government document exchanges with Singapore as the latest action in a series of pro-blockchain efforts.It follows hot