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Opinion | Lonely Are the Brave

Conservatives used to believe this, just as they used to believe that the branches of government were coequal; that political dirty tricks should never be normalized; that embattled allies must not be

Irish elections: 3 things to know about Saturday’s vote

Irish leader Leo Varadkar came to power in 2017 in a historic victory. But things are not looking great for Varadkar, or his center-right party, Fine Gael, as they head into Saturday’s elections in

Netflix removed 9 films and TV shows due to government demands. Here’s why.

Doesn’t it suck when your favorite movies and TV shows get removed from Netflix? Rights to movies and TV shows get bought, sold, and expire all the time. But did you know that Netflix has removed mo

MAGA War on Architectural Diversity Weaponizes Greek Columns

Who knows what classicism ultimately means, but the draft order makes it come across as awfully prim and petty. Associations like these might sound extreme; but then, so does the order.Just to have th

Hong Kong: protests meet coronavirus

A 39-year-old man died this week from the coronavirus in Hong Kong, one of just two deaths that have occurred from the virus outside of mainland China. The death, along with about two dozen confirmed

Opinion | What’s So Great About Fake Roman Temples?

The founders of this country, conscious that they were creating a new form of government, leaned heavily on the available ancient precedents. And modern federal buildings rightly reflect the diversity

Former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe: We want to run government but ‘can’t count 170,000 votes’

Former Democratic National Committee Chairman and Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe knocked his own party on Friday, suggesting that the Iowa caucuses debacle hurt its chances going into the 2020 pres

Netflix has removed nine titles from its service to comply with government requests

Since Netflix was founded almost 25 years ago, the company has removed nine titles from its service around the world in compliance with government requests, including Night of the Living Dead in Germa

A Rare Online Revolt Emerges in China Over Death of Coronavirus Whistle-Blower

They posted videos of the Les Misérables song, “Do You Hear the People Sing.” They invoked article No. 35 of China’s Constitution, which stipulates freedom of speech. They tweeted a phrase from

Want to Fight Climate Change? Stop Believing These Myths

MJ: Peak oil was a big deal 15 years ago, even 10 years ago. The latest innovations in fracking for oil and shale rock certainly have changed things, and so you don't hear as much about peak oil.I adv