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UK coronavirus: Country enters ‘worst point’ of pandemic as cases rise and bodies pile up

'We're now at the worst point of this epidemic for the UK.Whitty told the BBC on Monday that there were currently more than 30,000 patients in hospital, compared to 18,000 during the first peak of the

The next Zoom wants to be nothing like Zoom – TechCrunch

Want this newsletter in your inbox every Saturday morning? Sign up here.For a company only a little older than a year, Hopin has a wild growth story.It scooped up two businesses to differentiate its

Canon fires legal shot at church lockdown

(CHURCH MILITANT) – A senior Scottish priest who has conducted over 60 COVID-related funerals is taking Scotland's government to court to protest the latest lockdown that criminalizes gathered worsh

Biden Plans Coronavirus Vaccination Blitz After Inauguration

The biggest problem so far has not been a lack of vaccine, but the difficulties that state and local governments face in distributing the doses they have.commissioner, urged states that have used only

How Neil Sheehan Got the Pentagon Papers

Sheehan said, “totally conflicted.Ellsberg was also taking serious risks, Mr.“There’s no way The Times can protect this guy,” Mr.Sheehan remembered thinking.Sheehan said.That person would get

Why Is Bitcoin Going Up, and Will It Crash Soon? What’s Next as Price Doubles to $40K.-

Bitcoin’s prices reached all-time highs above ,000 less than a month after breaking $20,000 for the first time.Since the start of the most recent rally, ostensibly begun in October, its value has in

Rush Limbaugh explains why Trump backers in government abandoning ship

S.Capitol, beginning his show by addressing why so many lawmakers and people in the administration are abandoning President Trump.He noted former Attorney General William Barr declared Trump betrayed

Medical errors and the cult of expertise in the age of COVID

ORG) – Ever since the covid panic began in February of this year, medical personnel such as doctors and nurses have been treated to a level of hero worship generally reserved for the government's so

U.S. unemployment claims slip to still-high 787,000

The number of Americans seeking unemployment aid fell slightly to 787,000, evidence of a job market stumbling in the face of the viral pandemic and the damage it has inflicted on the economy for near

YouTube reverses ban on UK’s TalkRadio for COVID-19 policy breaches – TechCrunch

YouTube has reversed a controversial ban on the account of TalkRadio, a News Corp-owned UK national radio station that covers news and current affairs.The decision to suspend the account of a high pro