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Latest Covid-19 vaccine and world news

An employee with the McKesson Corporation packs a box of Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccines for shipping in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, on March 1.The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a bit different than

US Coronavirus: Experts say the green light for Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine helps bring US a step closer to normalcy

'This is really great news,' Dr.'.'It's been such a challenge to get even a single dose to many people,' Choo said.'To have a third vaccine that meets the expectations of an (emergency use authorizati

FDA authorizes one-dose COVID-19 vaccine

The Food and Drug Administration has authorized the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, which only needs one dose and can be stored in regular refrigerators.The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is logistical

Best portable power station for 2021

This story is part of Road Trip 2020, CNET's series on how we're preparing now for what could come next.It's time to find the best portable power station for your needs.The Jackery Explorer 1000 is by

Opinion | The Final Push to End the Coronavirus Pandemic in the U.S.

Vaccines have brought the United States tantalizingly close to crushing the coronavirus within its borders.The Food and Drug Administration is soon expected to authorize a third vaccine — a single-d

Testing a new COVID-19 test: How T-cells beat antibodies in detecting past infections

GeekWire’s Todd Bishop tested the new T-Detect COVID test prior to its official launch last week to learn whether he had COVID-19 last year.That earlier test was designed to detect the presence of t

Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Reduces Transmission After 1 Dose, Study Finds

A single dose of Pfizer and BioNtech’s COVID-19 vaccine could significantly reduce the risk of transmission of the virus, a U.Researchers analyzed results from thousands of COVID-19 tests carried o

When is the pandemic over?

This week, President Joe Biden officially extended the national COVID-19 emergency declaration into a second year.30, 2020, WHO called it a “public health emergency of international concern.One wou

What You Don’t Know About Pop My Pet’s Dr. Grant Dunbar

Dunbar worked as an emergency vet, general practitioner, and surgeon, and ultimately opened his own practice.Grant Dunbar looks forward to providing you and your beloved pet with the quality care he h

How would COVID-19 vaccine makers adapt to variants?

How would COVID-19 vaccine makers adapt to variants?.First-generation COVID-19 vaccines appear to be working against today's variants, but makers already are taking steps to update their recipes if he