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Hollywood Is Leaving Money On The Table By Not Prioritizing Diversity, New Study Shows

Diversity and representation are both a moral imperative and, according to a new study, an economic necessity for Hollywood.In 2020, movies with more diverse casts consistently earned more at the box

Senate Passes Bill Seeking To Address Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans

The Senate on Thursday passed a bill to address the rise in hate incidents and violence against Asian Americans during the coronavirus pandemic ― a rare show of bipartisanship on an issue that gai

97 House Democrats Call On Senate To End The Filibuster

A group of 97 House Democrats, including progressives and moderates, sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Thursday urging him to eliminate the Senate’s filibuster rules

John Kerry’s Climate Warning: ‘Even If We Get To Net Zero, We Need Carbon Removal’

John Kerry, the Biden administration’s special climate envoy, warned Thursday that mounting global commitments to reach net-zero emissions by the middle of this century will not be enough to avert

GOP Senators Float Infrastructure Plan That’s A Fourth The Size Of Joe Biden’s

A group of Senate Republicans on Thursday laid out what they see as a “road map” to overhauling the nation’s crumbling infrastructure system, offering a much different vision than the one propo

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Just Made Oxygen On Mars

In one “crucial first step” for life on Mars, NASA says an experimental device on its Perseverance rover has made oxygen by using the red planet’s carbon dioxide-rich atmosphere.The device, cal

Nearly 500 Asylum-Seekers Have Been Attacked As Biden Keeps Turning Them Away

Asylum-seekers turned away at the United States’ southern border over the last four months have reported nearly 500 cases of attacks or kidnappings in Mexico, according to a new joint report from t

Mickey Guyton Almost Quit Country Before Her Song ‘Black Like Me’ Became A Hit

As one of country music’s only Black female stars, Mickey Guyton is determined to sing out against racial and gender inequality.The Texas-born singer-songwriter appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres S

Alternate Juror In Derek Chauvin Trial Explains What Swayed Her

Lisa Christensen had no say in the final outcome of the trial for former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin that ended Tuesday with his conviction on all three counts.As an alternate juror, she

HUD Revokes Trump Rule Allowing Transgender Discrimination In Homeless Shelters

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is pulling back a proposal put forward by President Donald Trump’s administration that would have allowed taxpayer-funded homeless shelters to discri