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Trump Wants Back on Facebook. This Star-Studded Jury Might Let Him..-

That’s how some of the board’s members see it as well.To others, the idea of global corporations becoming de facto governments is dystopian — and the board’s promise reflects low expectations

India Tests Vaccine Superpowers With Covid-19 Inoculation Drive

NEW DELHI—India started a massive vaccination campaign this weekend, hoping to use its unique skills at mobilizing millions to progress quickly in its efforts to protect its populace from Covid-19.

Amazon launches mobile-only Prime Video subscription in India – TechCrunch

Amazon is doubling down on one of the biggest strengths of Prime Video streaming service: Aggressive pricing.The e-commerce giant on Wednesday announced Prime Video Mobile Edition, an even more afford

India apprehends Chinese soldier in Ladakh, Indian Army says

The Chinese soldier was taken into custody by Indian troops after crossing over the LAC, the de facto border between the two countries.The reason for the soldier's crossing of the LAC is being investi

Bird flu: India begins mass bird cull in response to avian flu outbreak

The country's Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying issued an alert on Wednesday, urging states to take measures to avoid any further spread of the disease.The southern state of Kerala

US says India, Italy, and Turkey digital taxes are discriminatory, but won’t take any actions for now – TechCrunch

Digital services taxes adopted by India, Italy, and Turkey in the past years discriminate against U.USTR, which began investigations into the three nation’s digital services taxes in June last year,

After four years of waiting, Indians might finally get their taste of Tesla this year

After years of Elon Musk hinting at the idea, it seems Tesla is finally going to make inroads into India.According to an Economic Times report published at the end of December, India’s transport mi

Surprise! Beer cans are less polluting than glass bottles

You might instinctively reach for a glass bottle to avoid buying a plastic alternative, but glass takes more resources and energy to produce.Our analysis found that glass bottle production used the mo

Sony to launch PlayStation 5 in India on February 2 – TechCrunch

Sony said on Friday that it will launch the PlayStation 5 in India on February 2, suggesting improvements in the supply chain network that has been severely throttled by the coronavirus pandemic.The J

Premarket stocks: Why the AstraZeneca vaccine is so important to the global economy

AstraZeneca said the first doses were being released Wednesday, and that vaccinations will begin early in the New Year.'This regimen was shown in clinical trials to be safe and effective at preventing