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Huobi Derivatives Introduces Circuit Breaker and Partial Liquidations

Huobi’s derivatives trading platform, Huobi DM, has announced a new ‘partial liquidation’ feature that aims to limit trading losses.Sudden market swings can immediately liquidate highly leverage

TransferWise partners with Alipay for international money transfers – TechCrunch

TransferWise, the London-headquartered international money transfer service most recently valued by investors at $3.5 billion, has partnered with China’s Aliplay for international transfers.Promisin

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been in regular contact with the White House on coronavirus pandemic – TechCrunch

During a White House briefing on Monday detailing new recommendations regarding public health from the administration’s coronavirus task force and the CDC, President Trump was asked by a member of t

Nuclear conflict anywhere on Earth would cause global crop crisis

A nuclear conflagration between India and Pakistan would devastate global food supplies, a new study claims.A new study led by a University of Chicago scientist finds that such a conflict would have h

This AI traffic monitoring system can spot road incidents with near 100% accuracy

An AI traffic management system that identifies cars, accidents, gridlocks, and dangerous driving, reached an accuracy rate of close to 100% in a test in the city of Grapevine, Texas.The Currux Vision

Ugh, the UK cuts electric vehicle grant for the third time in 10 years

On March 12 last week, the UK’s Chancellor announced the country’s budget, and it’s had an impact for electric and ultra-low emission vehicles; here’s what you need to know.British drivers can

Shell Subsidiary Builds DLT-Based Virtual Power Plant in Germany

Royal Dutch Shell subsidiary Sonnen Group announced a partnership with the Energy Web Foundation (EWF) to use EWF’s blockchain to create a virtual power plant (VPP) in Germany on March 12.4 terra-wa

Uber expands sick pay for drivers during coronavirus pandemic

Uber expanded its previously announced policy on sick pay for drivers during the coronavirus pandemic.Now, drivers who test positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus; are pers

OpenAI CEO offers funding for startups tackling coronavirus

As stock markets continue to tank globally, startup founders raising money are starting to worry.Altman isn’t pledging to provide all the funding himself; instead, he has asked startups to fill out

Beats announces $149 Powerbeats 4 with 15 hours of battery life

They’ve already leaked plenty and Walmart even put them on shelves before an official announcement, but now Apple’s Beats brand is launching the new Powerbeats 4 earbuds.And Beats says they should