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At Disrupt, YC’s Anu Hariharan, Initialized’s Garry Tan, and GGV’s Hans Tung will tell you how to raise money in a dumpster fire – TechCrunch

As this pandemically perverse year draws to a close, there’s one thing that’s certain.But what does that mean for startup entrepreneurs who traditionally needed to pound the pavement, shake hands,

With a new general partner and without Alexis Ohanian, Initialized Capital garners $230 million for fund five – TechCrunch

Initialized Capital, the early-stage venture firm that got its start inside of Y Combinator almost a decade ago and spun out of the organization roughly five years later, has closed its newest fund wi

Facebook faces an advertiser revolt – TechCrunch

Facebook takes (small) steps to improve its content policies as advertisers join a broad boycott, founder Alexis Ohanian is leaving Initialized Capital and Waze gets a new look.Here’s your Daily Cru

AdQuick raises $6M to conquer an advertising market Google and Facebook won’t – TechCrunch

With Google and Facebook yielding massive control over the online ad market, leaving only scraps for other ad platforms, perhaps it was only natural that tech startups would take a step back and start