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Biden’s Earth Day Climate Pledge for 2030 Will Define His Presidency

Joe Biden’s pandemic strategy has been to under-promise and over-deliver—his Administration, after committing to delivering a hundred million vaccine doses in its first hundred days, managed to do

Persecution fears rise as Biden backs away from religious freedom abroad

(FREE BEACON) – The Biden administration's pledge to roll back Trump-era policies promoting religious freedom abroad threatens to undermine America’s ability to protect religious minorities in Chi

GOP Senators Float Infrastructure Plan That’s A Fourth The Size Of Joe Biden’s

A group of Senate Republicans on Thursday laid out what they see as a “road map” to overhauling the nation’s crumbling infrastructure system, offering a much different vision than the one propo

How the US Might Reach Biden’s New Climate Goal

Kicking off a (virtual) climate summit this morning, President Joe Biden committed the United States to halving its 2005 greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2030.With the rise of solar and wind power

Is America led today by anti-Americans?

How can America unite again to do great things if we are led by people who believe America suffers from a great sickness of the soul, an original sin that dates back to her birth as a nation? .George

White House dances around a big contributor to climate change: agriculture

The administration has steered clear of discussing stricter environmental regulations that could scare off the largely conservative farm sector, as well as the rural lawmakers that Biden will need to

Biden threatens even ‘small’ gatherings on July 4

Taking office, Joe Biden was handed a health care system that had developed and approved a couple of COVID-19 vaccines in record time under President Trump, as well as a distribution network that alr

5 Surprising Ways to Help Save the Planet

Today is an Earth Day like no other: After more than a year of lockdown, we’ve seen what happens to the planet when all of its humans are suddenly hiding inside.In the video below, yours truly joine

Joe Biden’s climate denialism

In anticipation of the virtual Leaders Summit on Climate, a two-day global gathering of more than 40 world leaders, President Joe Biden declared that the United States had a 'moral imperative' to adop

Media cheer Biden climate speech, but will it turn out to be hot air?

The White House could not have hoped for a better headline:.'.It’s pretty clear that the press is rooting not just for action to reduce global warming but for Biden’s extremely ambitious goal.The