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An Early Promise Broken: Inside Biden’s Reversal on Refugees

Presidents normally raise refugee admissions at the end of the fiscal year.The president made no mention of refugees in a flurry of immigration-related executive orders on his first day in office.“I

Biden urges Congress not to abandon policing reforms

After the conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, President Joe Biden pleaded with the nation — and Congress — not to look away.“This can be

Top Dem, GOP Senators Say They’re Working On $800 Billion Infrastructure Compromise

John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Chris Coons (D-Del.) said Sunday they were working together on a revised, $800 billion infrastructure package as part of a bipartisan effort to pass the legislation rather th

Opinion | What Joe Biden and I Saw After the U.S. Invaded Afghanistan

I ended up lending Biden my satellite phone to call Secretary of State Colin Powell, via the State Department operations center, to see if he could help.“‘This is Joe Biden, could you connect me w

Biden’s tax arguments don’t even convince Biden!

Joe Biden (Video screenshot).Popularized by left-wing advocacy groups such as the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy, these reports are intended to drum up public anger against a tax system s

Are Democrats trying to intimidate Supreme Court justices? ‘The Big Saturday Show’ investigates

The Big Saturday Show investigated why Democrats are pushing a plan to pack the Supreme Court, suggesting it may be a ploy to intimidate existing justices.Former Congressman and Fox News Contributor S

$300 bonus unemployment checks: How many payments are left? What you should know

Sarah Tew/CNET It's been a month since the American Rescue Plan passed with its $1,400 stimulus checks, ,600 child tax credit and more weeks of $300 bonus unemployment checks.Another provision in the

Business PAC Donations Tanked To Republicans Who Challenged Biden Vote: Report

Political action committee contributions from businesses, industry groups, trade associations and unions plunged about 80% to Republican politicians who objected to certifying states’ Electoral Coll

Raul Castro resigning from post as leader of nation’s Communist Party

What would US-Cuba relations look like under Biden?Rep.While he didn't say who would succeed him as first secretary of the Communist Party, he's thought to favor 60-year-old Miguel Diaz-Canel, who su

Biden’s blunt opposition to marijuana legalization

This month, something unusual happened: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer took a stand against President Joe Biden.The New York Democrat, typically a strong Biden ally, has transformed into one of