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Go watch how Marvel’s FX team created a new “visual language” for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Now that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has wrapped and we’re still a few weeks away from the debut of Loki, Marvel has released a behind-the-scenes video on its YouTube channel detailing the CGI

The female villains of the ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ finale

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finally unmasked the Power Broker and — gasp! Fans have suspected this for weeks, but it’s still pretty cool to see a woman revealed as the master villain, given

Disney’s latest ‘Black Widow’ trailer is easily the best one yet

I don't know about you, but I've struggled to muster up much enthusiasm for Black Widow.We start with a look at Black Widow's legacy and our emotional investment her journey through the MCU so far.Fi

Will There Be a ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Season 2?

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige sounded more optimistic about a potential second season of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” compared to “WandaVision.” But the studio, which until this year

WandaVision Writer “Naively” Didn’t Expect Fan Reaction To Pietro

In a new interview by Variety with actress Elizabeth Olsen and head writer Jac Schaeffer, Schaeffer revealed just how surprised she was by the fan reaction to this moment.'Naively, I didn't expect peo

Some Disney+ MCU Shows Will Get More Than One Season, Kevin Feige Says

Marvel Studios has a massive slate of upcoming TV projects--and some of them may be getting second seasons, according to studio head Kevin Feige.Marvel, confirming that while the story will dictate th

Is ‘WandaVision’ About to Introduce Reed Richards to the MCU?

With just three “WandaVision” episodes remaining, fans are scrambling to figure out just who the series’ main villain actually is — the most popular guesses ranging from Agatha Harkness to Me

Joe Russo Ensures Captain America Will Never Escape His Confusing Avengers: Endgame Finale

Avengers: Endgame had a lot going on.Written out in so few words, it might actually sound kind of straightforward--the whole 'go back in time to reconnect with a lost love' trope happens on the semi-r

WandaVision Writer On Making MCU Movies Vs. TV Shows

When Jac Schaeffer sat down to begin writing , Marvel Studios' first Disney+ TV show, she already had plenty of experience in the universe.'It's very lonely to write a feature by yourself,' Schaeffer

WandaVision Episode 3 Theories: How The Babies Affect The MCU.-

Both Wanda and Vision have complicated histories in the comics.The pair met while on the Avengers and eventually fell in love.For quite some time, the 'witch' in Scarlet Witch was completely literal--