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Mexico City Train Derailment Kills At Least 13, Injures Dozens More : NPR

Emergency personnel work to search for accident survivors after a raised subway track collapsed Monday night in Mexico City, Mexico.Hector Vivas/Getty Images hide caption .toggle caption Hector Vivas

Mexico subway overpass collapses, killing 15 and injuring dozens

The subway was traveling on an elevated and outdoor portion of the city's rapid transit system on the newest Line 12, also known as the Golden Line, when a portion of the overpass collapsed, Mexico's

Blame for border crisis should go to – President Trump!

Immigrant children as young as three reportedly held in cramped quarters in a Texas border facility in March 2021.Joe Biden, when he assumed the presidency, canceled President Trump's border wall work

AstraZeneca Vaccines Made at Troubled Baltimore Plant Were Shipped to Canada and Mexico

“We have confirmed that the doses received from the United States a number of weeks ago are not, have not been subjected to the challenges that have come up currently in the Baltimore plant,” Mr.I

Arizona AG on ‘heartbreaking’ video of abandoned migrant child: This is America, not a ‘third-world country’

A 'heartbreaking' video has emerged of a 10-year-old migrant child encountering Border Patrol agents after being abandoned at the U.BORDER PATROL RESCUES 2 ABANDONED CHILDREN AT US-MEXICO BORDER, LATE

U.S. Border Patrol will deploy to Mexico-Guatemala border

(BREITBART) -- A senior Customs and Border Protection (CBP) official informed Breitbart Texas that Border Patrol agents will deploy to the Mexico-Guatemala boundary to respond to large migrant caravan

White House Border Coordinator to Step Down

WASHINGTON — Roberta S.Jacobson, who had been described as one of the Biden administration’s key players in dealing with the governments in the Northern Triangle area of Central America, praised M

Plane Crashes During Gender Reveal, Killing Two

Two people died in Mexico when a plane being used for a gender-reveal stunt crashed into the sea, as the parents-to-be and guests cheered for the big moment .The deadly crash happened this week off t

GOP lawmakers call for answers from Blinken on border moves amid migrant surge

Republican lawmakers in the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Saturday wrote to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, demanding answers about the Biden administration’s diplomatic moves related to the

Mexico take new steps to close its southern border to migrants

The Mexican banks of the Suchiate river dawned Sunday with a heavy presence of immigration agents in place to enforce Mexico’s new limits on all but essential travel at its shared border with Guate