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Surface Laptop 4 (15-Inch, AMD) Review: Battery Champion

However, compared to other top-end laptops on the market now, the Surface's performance is pretty middle-of-the-road.Where the Surface wins most of the time is design, build quality, and the screen.Th

Epic v. Apple trial reveals how Microsoft has never made money off Xbox hardware

The Xbox One, left, with the Xbox Series X and S, right.Each console is sold at a loss, and the profit from the project for Microsoft comes entirely from software sales.Epic is suing Apple over its ru

Epic v. Apple turns into Windows v. Xbox

Is an iPhone more like a PC or an Xbox?.Apple says if Epic wins, ‘other ecosystems will fall’ Apple’s attorneys issued a dire warning to Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft during its opening statemen

Bill and Melinda Gates: China can’t stop talking about their divorce

Weibo users fretted about everything, from how the couple would divide their massive fortune to whether the divorce would affect Microsoft or their charitable foundation.Even if you don't hold hands t

Microsoft wants to reduce its Xbox store cut and shake up console gaming

Microsoft has been planning to cut its Xbox store cut to just 12 percent, according to confidential documents filed in the Epic Games vs.The software maker details its store fees and changes in a docu

Court Could Consider Whether Trump Interfered in Cloud Computing Contract

A federal court said on Wednesday that it did not dismiss the possibility that former President Donald J.The decision could be a victory for Amazon, which claimed it was passed over during contract de

Microsoft’s new default font options, rated – TechCrunch

Calibri, we hardly knew ye.You probably don’t think much about Calibri, if you think about fonts at all, but that’s a good thing in this context.A default font should be something you don’t noti

Microsoft releases Office 2021 for Mac preview

Microsoft is releasing a preview version of Office 2021 for Mac and Office LTSC this week.It’s designed to be a static release of Office, but during the preview there will be monthly updates that co

Google Meet will get a new look and new features – TechCrunch

Google announces upgrades to Google Meet, Amazon is bringing its palm scanner to Whole Foods and Microsoft looks at the effect of video calls on our brains.The big story: Google Meet will get a new lo

Can Medical Alexas Make Us Healthier?

This article is part of the On Tech newsletter.Are voice recognition technologies like Alexa helpful in medicine or are they hogwash? Microsoft on Monday said that it would spend roughly $16 billion t