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China lands probe on surface of the moon and collects lunar soil

The robotic spacecraft, named Chang'e 5 after the mythical Chinese goddess of the moon, drilled into the surface of the moon to collect soil early Wednesday.It will remain on the moon collecting soil

China Lands Chang’e-5 Spacecraft on Moon to Gather Lunar Rocks and Soil

China has landed a robotic spacecraft on the moon, Xinhua, the official statenews agency reported on Tuesday.The probe will spend two days gathering rocks and dirt from the lunar surface, with the goa

Lunar eclipse will be visible during the full beaver moon this weekend

Both events will be visible early Monday morning.A penumbral eclipse occurs when the moon moves into Earth's penumbra, or outer shadow.During a total lunar eclipse, the change is more dramatic because

Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff to Star in Musical ‘Molly and the Moon’

In something of a “Frozen” reunion, Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff will reunite in a musical film called “Molly and the Moon” from the creators of “How I Met Your Mother,” Craig Thomas a

Guo Pei’s costumes are the superstars of Netflix’s ‘Over the Moon’

Welcome to Thanks, I Love It, our series highlighting something onscreen we're obsessed with this week.But at the center of it all is Chang’e, a goddess so magnificent that she demanded her own cost

‘SNL’ has Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden read a spooky Halloween story about the election

'Greetings, America.'.Biden sat in a big leather chair surrounded by cobwebs, pumpkins and other decorations, which Carrey's Biden said he borrowed from first lady Melania Trump's 'Christmas display.C

The Full Blue Moon on Halloween

The moon remains, perpetually and since antiquity, a source of cultural wonder.(Let’s not even bring up the way witches and astrology lovers responded online to the news that President Trump tested

Volcanos on Jupiter’s moon are painting its surface with beautiful colors

ALMA loving, I will give to you… The ALMA radio telescope array.“When Io passes into Jupiter’s shadow, and is out of direct sunlight, it is too cold for sulfur dioxide gas, and it condenses onto

NASA discovers the Moon is wet — now scientists want to go back

The Moon was for a long time considered to be bone dry, with analyses of returned lunar samples from the Apollo missions showing only trace amounts of water.But over the past two decades, re-analyses

Nokia and NASA’s 4G lunar network will mess up radio astronomy

As you drive down the road leading to Jodrell Bank Observatory, a sign asks visitors to turn off their mobile phones, stating that the Lovell telescope is so powerful it could detect a phone signal o