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Afterlife’ and 5 Other Films

Photo credit: Sony Pictures.“Peter Rabbit 2,” which was first moved from April to August 2020 after theaters worldwide closed in response to the pandemic, has been moved again, this time to Jan.Th

Did Ben Carson Fall Asleep During Trump’s Coronavirus Briefing?

“Trump is telling bedtime stories, Ben Carson is falling asleep.During Saturday’s coronavirus briefing, Carson, who is the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, appeared with the president

Marvel’s Black Widow movie postponed due to coronavirus

.Black Widow has been delayed.The release of Disney's Black Widow movie has been postponed due to health concerns surrounding the coronavirus and COVID-19.Originally scheduled for May 1, Black Wido

Box Office Craters As Coronavirus Pandemic Keeps Moviegoers At Home

LOS ANGELES, March 15, (Variety.But this weekend’s box office results display that significantly fewer people are going to their local multiplex.Ticket sales in North America hit the lowest levels i

Space Jam 2 Is Being Worked On By Director Of Original Mulan

Tony Bancroft, one of the two credited directors behind Disney's Mulan (1998), has announced that he is working on the much-anticipated Space Jam 2.Bancroft announced on Twitter that he started workin

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is available to buy now, earlier than expected

On top of bringing Frozen 2 to Disney Plus three months early, Disney is also making Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker available to purchase a few days early.The Rise of Skywalker is available to buy v

Disney+ to stream ‘Frozen 2’ just in time for your quarantine

With all the news of movie release delays amid the coronavirus pandemic, Disney just became the first company to offer the opposite.Disney+ will make Frozen 2 available this weekend, three months earl

Bloodshot review: Vin Diesel shoot-’em-up doesn’t get the blood pumping

Vin Diesel brings comic book hero Bloodshot to the big screen.New comic book adaptation Bloodshot, in theaters now, taps into a rich vein of sci-fi shoot-'em-up action.Garrison is transformed by an in

Disney bringing Frozen 2 to Disney Plus three months early

Disney has decided to bring its incredibly popular Frozen 2 to its Disney Plus streaming service three months early “surprising families with some fun and joy during this challenging period” as th

‘Human Nature’ offers CRISPR novices a basic introduction

Humans have been tinkering with the genes of plants and animals through selective breeding for millennia.The documentary Human Nature — which opened in select U.S. cities on March 13, with more to f