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Watch unreal drone footage of Arecibo Observatory’s catastrophic collapse

The National Science Foundation released stunning video footage Thursday capturing the exact dramatic moment the Arecibo Observatory's 900-ton platform fell into the 1,000-foot wide dish below.A dron

Watch Crazy Drone Footage of the Arecibo Observatory Collapse (Video)

The end of an era came unexpectedly this week when the iconic Arecibo Telescope in Puerto Rico collapsed Dec.And as it happens, the whole thing was captured in spectacular drone footage that you can

Exact moment of Arecibo telescope collapse captured on video

The legendary 1,000-foot-wide Arecibo Observatory's telescope, a giant dish embedded in the verdant Puerto Rico forest, experienced a major collapse on Dec.S.National Science Foundation released foot

America’s devastating divorce from science (opinion)

America would support science -- particularly through a new agency, called the National Science Foundation (NSF) but also through existing or expanded federal agencies such as NASA, the Weather Servic

Backed by $12.5M in federal funding, Univ. of Washington leads new data science institute

Maryam Fazel, a University of Washington electrical and computer engineering professor, will lead the multidisciplinary Institute for Foundations of Data Science (IFDS).5 million in federal funding, t

Scientists Note Asteroid Approaching Earth Looks Like It’s Wearing A Face Mask

Scientists are joking that even an asteroid set to pass by Earth is exercising caution as the planet tackles the coronavirus pandemic.The 1998 OR2 asteroid poses no risk to the Earth, but its appeara

Here’s a list – GeekWire

3-D printed models show a SARS-CoV-2 virus particle (at left, background) and the “spike” protein (at right, foreground) that makes it possible for the virus to enter and infect human cells.The Bi

White House science adviser will lead National Science Foundation — temporarily – GeekWire

White House science adviser Kelvin Droegemeier speaks during a Seattle town hall session at February’s annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.He’ll continue to s

Amazon and Microsoft join team to sic supercomputers on coronavirus – GeekWire

Among the high-performance computing resources that will be made available for coronavirus research is Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Summit, the world’s fastest supercomputer.Less than a week af

The White House wants to spend hundreds of millions more on AI research

The news: The White House is pumping hundreds of millions more dollars into artificial intelligence research. In budget plans announced on Monday, the administration bumped funding for AI research at