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How to Cook a Turkey

Free-range: This is a bird that is not raised in a cage and is free to graze on any grasses or grains it can find in its pen, which is generally considered a more humane and healthy poultry farming pr

Stabbing in San Jose Kills 2 at Grace Baptist Church

This is a breaking news story.There were “multiple stabbing victims,” the police said in a post on Twitter.The church is near the campus of San Jose State University, according to local news repor

Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow Jailed in Hong Kong

HONG KONG — Joshua Wong, the Hong Kong pro-democracy campaigner, pleaded guilty along with two other activists on Monday to unauthorized assembly charges over a 2019 protest and were immediately jai

Party at a Queens Sex Club With 80 People Is Shut Down by Sheriff

By midnight on Saturday, about 80 guests had crowded into a sex club in Queens to drink and party.Seven people and one business face a range of charges in connection with the parties, including a fail

Republicans Rewrite an Old Playbook on Disenfranchising Black Americans

But the degree to which the president is now pinpointing voters of color for disenfranchisement is striking even by modern Republican standards, especially after he performed better with Black voters

Get Me Meacham! Biden Brings Back the Media’s Good Old Days

But what of the working reporters in the White House? Most of the writers in that group are generations younger than the 78-year-old Mr.He rarely resisted answering shouted, timely questions, and his

Oxford’s 2020 Word of the Year? It’s Too Hard to Isolate

The Oxford report also highlights words and phrases relating to social justice, including “Black Lives Matter,” “Juneteenth,” “decolonize,” and “allyship,” some of which surged dramati

Thanksgiving, Coronavirus, Presidential Transition: Your Weekend Briefing

(Want to get this briefing by email? Here’s the sign-up.Here are the week’s top stories, and a look ahead.S.is heading into a make-or-break holiday week.The country passed 12 million cases, adding

Dear Jets: There’s Hope to Be Found in a Winless Season. Take It From Someone Who Knows.

teams in history have gone 0-16 since the regular season expanded to 16 games in 1978: the Detroit Lions in 2008 and the Cleveland Browns in 2017.And no coach guides a team toward losing in order to g

Protesters in Guatemala Set Fire to Congress Building Over Spending Cuts

ANTIGUA, Guatemala — Thousands of protesters took to the streets in Guatemala’s capital on Saturday, setting fire to the nation’s congressional building in a show of anger over a budget bill pas