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Opinion | Everyone’s an Antiracist. Now What?

The new unbridled enthusiasm for the cause of Black lives reminds me of the Dr.”.A kindly elephant named Horton becomes aware of a whole planet of creatures called Whos living on a single speck of d

Opinion | Borders Won’t Protect Your Country From Coronavirus

As therapeutics and vaccines are discovered, tested and produced, developing economies must have fair access to the drugs.At the height of the global AIDS crisis, Kofi Annan, then secretary general of

Ennio Morricone, Influential Creator of Music for Modern Cinema, Dies at 91

He gave concerts in New York at Radio City Music Hall and the United Nations, and he concluded the tour in Los Angeles, where he received an honorary Academy Award for lifetime achievement.”.Ennio M

China Detains Xu Zhangrun, Law Professor Who Criticized Xi Jinping

The police in Beijing on Monday detained Xu Zhangrun, a law professor and one of China’s most prominent and scathing critics of the Communist Party’s expanding control, his friends said.Professor

South Korea Denies U.S. Request to Extradite Operator of Child Pornography Site

SEOUL, South Korea — A South Korean court on Monday rejected an extradition request by the United States for a South Korean citizen convicted of running one of the world’s biggest child pornograph

How Netflix Beat Hollywood to a Generation of Black Content

The Black executives who were buying content during Netflix’s first wave of original programming are all gone now.By 2018, with Black showrunners and directors occupying an expanding slice of the cu

8 People Believed Dead After Planes Collide and Crash Into Idaho Lake

Eight people — all of the passengers and crew members onboard — are believed to have died after two planes collided in midair and crashed into a lake in Idaho on Sunday afternoon, the police said.

Uber to Buy Postmates for $2.65 Billion

SAN FRANCISCO — Uber has agreed to acquire the food delivery start-up Postmates for $2.65 billion, said two people with knowledge of the deal, as the ride-hailing firm aims to grow its presence in o

Nick Cordero, Nominated for Tony as Tap-Dancing Tough Guy, Dies at 41

Nick Cordero, a musical theater actor whose intimidating height and effortless charm brought him a series of tough-guy roles on Broadway, died on Sunday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.H

Police Seek 2 White People Who Were Seen Vandalizing Black Lives Matter Mural

The police in Martinez, Calif.“The community spent a considerable amount of time putting the mural together only to have it painted over in a hateful and senseless manner,” Chief Manjit Sappal of