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Ether Soars to Another All-Time High, Carrying DeFi and Rival Coins With It

It’s not just ether (ETH) that’s rallying to a new all-time high Tuesday.At press time, ether was trading around $1,637.2 cryptocurrency by market capitalization has continued gaining since it wen

CEX, Lies and Videotape: Binance Accuses Rivals of Fighting Dirty

The latest flap is over a bogus video that purports to show a single sell order of 21 million bitcoin on Binance on Jan.4.The clip went viral last week on WeChat, a popular China-based social media p

OKExChain mainnet enters ‘Genesis’ stage, 10 million OKT tokens issued

Crypto exchange platform OKEx has announced the launch of its OKExChain mainnet with 10 million OKT tokens available for early adopters.The mainnet deployment will proceed along four stages with the c

OKEx Resumes Withdrawals 5 Weeks After Freeze

Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has reopened withdrawals five weeks after an abrupt suspension.As reported by CoinDesk on Wednesday, OKEx had been preparing its platform functionality ahead o

OKEx Mining Pool Flatlines After 99.5% Hash Power Drop as Withdrawal Suspensions Spook Clients

OKEx’s mining pool has gone from being one of the world’s largest to not mining any new blocks in over two weeks after the firm lost 99.5% of its hash power one month after it suspended withdrawal

OKEx founder reportedly under investigation as exchange suspends withdrawals

The founder of major global cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has been reportedly questioned by authorities previous to OKEx suspending cryptocurrency withdrawals.OKEx founder Mingxing Xu, also known as St

Why Bitcoin price abruptly dropped 3% in 30 minutes on OKEx freeze

OKEx, one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, announced a temporary suspension of withdrawals on Oct.Upon the news, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) abruptly plunged 3% in 30 minutes across m

Competition for global crypto derivatives market dominance heats up

At the start of October, the crypto market was faced with extremely tumultuous financial conditions, thanks in large part to the recent filings against BitMEX, which saw the company’s top brass bein

The Importance of Developing the Decentralized Finance Space

The rapid growth of the decentralized finance space, the rise in demand, the improvement of its protocols, and the breadth of offered services and opportunities will provide retail users with the opti

OKEx Expands Its Crypto Options to Daily, Two-Day, and Monthly Options

OKEx, the second largest crypto options trading platform after Deribit, is expanding its options trading types.Starting July 24, OKEx features new crypto options trading opportunities including daily