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Earn More with Google’s Web Stories Playbook

Google published a Web Stories Playbook that provides in-depth information on how to succeed with the new format.Web Stories is a new format that Google shows in Search and Discover.But as the Web Sto

Does Google Gives Preference to Content Above the Fold?

In an SEO Office-hours hangout Google’s John Mueller was asked if Google gave a preference to content located in the spot known as above the fold.Mueller explained of how much content Google expects

Charles Manson 1969 Booking Report After ‘Manson Family’ Murders For Sale

Charles Manson's original booking sheet following his arrest for the grisly Manson Family murders is up for sale .The booking docs are 2 pages long and list Manson's physical details along with his h

Elliot Page: Transition surgery was ‘life-saving’

The critically acclaimed actor spoke with Winfrey on Apple TV+ for his first interview since announcing that he is transgender.Discussing his surgery, Page said: 'I want people to know that not only h

Obama DOJ official appointed to advise secret surveillance court

Mary McCord, a former Justice Department official who approved efforts to snoop on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page, has been appointed to advise the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.The

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Admits She Hasn’t Even Read The Bill She Keeps Attacking

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) seemed to admit Wednesday that she hasn’t read the climate change bill she wants to debate about with Rep.The far-right lawmaker has persistently criticized the Green

Pat Sajak’s Wheel Of Fortune Flub Is Raising Eyebrows

In the final minutes of the show, Vanna White called Sajak on his blunder: 'Did you hear what you said?' Pat Sajak admitted that he had.One watcher said, 'I knew the answer right away and was shocked

Lady Colin Campbell Makes A Bold Prediction About Meghan And Harry’s Future

Lady Colin Campbell went on to claim that Meghan lied during her interview and has 'entrapped' Harry.'This wrong-footed woman stated untruths,' Campbell told Page Six.Knowing some statements could no

Google Answers: Is this Cloaking?

Google’s John Mueller was asked if blocking Google from anti-ad block detection function would cause Google to see the page as cloaking.Mueller explains what cloaking is and why blocking Google from

Smugglers using Facebook to advertise trips to U.S., says report

Human smugglers advertised illegal border crossing services to migrants looking to enter the U.S.on Facebook, the Tech Transparency Project reported Friday.Facebook’s algorithm has recommended page