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Surviving in Isolation, Where the Steppe Has Turned to Sand

The road ends, and the old Soviet car I’m in — a Lada Niva — begins to shake on the unpaved lane.After a couple hours of driving east from the Russian city of Elista, I find myself in the heart

Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney Shed Tears After Facing Criticism

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney broke down in tears on an Instagram Live video on Sunday, May 9, after being criticized for her appearance on social media.The video, which was captured and posted on Pop

194 Shootings In 18 Weeks : NPR

Family members of some of the six shooting victims hug one another outside the scene of the shooting at the Canterbury Mobile Home Park in Colorado Springs, Colo.Richardson/MediaNews Gr/Denver Post v

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Reportedly Took Their Maybe Romance On Vacation

Send your thoughts, prayers and Coldplay deep cuts to Alex Rodriguez because Bennifer is seemingly rekindling their relationship.After the two were seen carpooling back and forth to the music supersta

Scorsese’s Killers Of The Flower Moon Gets Dramatic First Image

The first image from Martin Scorsese's next major movie has been released by Apple, showing Leonardo DiCaprio and Lily Gladstone in their starring roles in a scene from the film.Like the 2017 non-fic

CNN Advertisers Silent On Rick Santorum’s Racist Comments About Native Americans

For the last two weeks, CNN senior political commentator Rick Santorum has been under intense fire for racist comments he made about Native American people and culture.I mean, there was nothing here,

Facebook will now push you to read articles before you share them

The next time you try to share an article without actually reading it first, Facebook will warn you to think again.Facebook’s move is the latest example of social media companies trying to slow the

‘Saturday Night Live’ blasted for cultural appropriation

So you know what 'bestie,' “I’m so pressed,” “catch hands” and “give us the tea,” all mean — but do you know their origins? That’s the question many viewers are asking after a 'Satur

Michelle Obama promotes police hatred

There was a time witches were burned at the stake to the joyous applause of the villagers, because doing same was one specific avenue of ridding the village and the surrounding countryside of their ev

Why can’t we stay in Afghanistan ‘forever’?

America is going through convulsions that may destroy it as the country we and the world have known for more than two centuries.For all its flaws – virtually all of which were not unique to America