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As NPR Turns 50, Scott Simon’s View From Behind The Microphone : NPR

Part of a collage of images of Scott Simon reporting for NPR News from Cuba, San Salvador and Iraq.Courtesy of Caroline Richard Simon hide caption .toggle caption Courtesy of Caroline Richard Simon P

Here’s What It Really Means To Be ‘Ace’

Asexuality, as with all types of human sexuality, isn't always an all-or-nothing proposition, but instead exists along a spectrum.Asexuals and gray-A's can also fall anywhere on the romantic spectrum.

Instagram’s head apologizes for bug that deleted activists’ stories

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri has tweeted an apology about a bug that deleted users’ story posts on Thursday.The timing was unfortunate for activists trying to raise awareness about missing Indigen

Inside Audrina Patridge’s Relationship With BMX Star Corey Bohan

Though Audrina Patridge's divorce from Corey Bohan was not an easy affair, she knew that she had to keep her 4-year-old daughter, Kirra, safe and provide her with the best life possible.'Divorce is li

Alexey Navalny: Amnesty apologizes to Kremlin critic, restores his ‘prisoner of conscience’ status

The group had revoked the label from Navalny in February over past comments he had made.After a review of the process, Amnesty said that while 'some of Navalny's previous statements are reprehensible

The Anchor Effect and de-risking decisions – TechCrunch

Twitch evidently has no issues getting people to spend time on its platform — even politicians can draw huge crowds by streaming themselves playing games.And more importantly, what subtle psychology

Twitter now lets you reward good tweets with Tip Jar

Get ready to 'tip' your favorite people on Twitter.Once a user activates Tip Jar on their account, they will be able to connect it to popular payment platforms such as Cash App, PayPal, Venmo, Patreon

Goodwill Has A Trash Problem. We’re The Cause. : NPR

A broken cat scratching post poses a problem for Goodwill Donation Attendant Antonio Semiglia in Westbrook, Maine.toggle caption Heather Steeves .Cars begin lining up outside the Goodwill donation ce

A Philadelphia physician raised $500,000 and is sending oxygen tanks to help India battle its Covid crisis

Ruchika Talwar, a 28-year-old resident at the University of Pennsylvania, said she and a group of area physicians have raised almost $500,000 in one week to help send supplies directly to state-run ho

‘The Daily Show’ Teaches How to Reenter Society After COVID With Fun PSA (Video)

First, Young-White reminded people that the first thing to know about eating in public is “it’s all about posture.” He then explained how chairs work — since most people have grown accustomed