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TSA Screens 2 Million Passengers While Americans Were Supposed To Be Staying Home

More than 2 million airline passengers were screened by Transportation Security Administration personnel on Friday and Saturday, while Americans were supposed to be curbing Thanksgiving holiday trave

Stabbing at California’s Grace Baptist Church kills 2, multiple people in serious condition

Multiple people were stabbed on Sunday night, including two fatally, at San Jose’s Grace Baptist Church while the building was reportedly being used to shelter the homeless during a cold night.Sam

Party at a Queens Sex Club With 80 People Is Shut Down by Sheriff

By midnight on Saturday, about 80 guests had crowded into a sex club in Queens to drink and party.Seven people and one business face a range of charges in connection with the parties, including a fail

Churches defy lockdown with secret meetings

(THE GUARDIAN) -- It sounds like the build-up to an illegal rave.This is no rave, but an English church service under lockdown, and the organiser is a Protestant pastor.The Christians who will gather

Republicans Rewrite an Old Playbook on Disenfranchising Black Americans

But the degree to which the president is now pinpointing voters of color for disenfranchisement is striking even by modern Republican standards, especially after he performed better with Black voters

Elite Democrats caught maskless at party despite COVID restrictions

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.The event was a private birthday party for Carl Scissura, who is the head of the New York Building Congress, a trade organization, the New York Daily News reported T

NYC Underground Swingers Party Broken Up By Sheriff’s Deputies

A bunch of free-spirited sex revelers had their good time cut short by cops in the Big Apple -- an interesting contrast to another attempted New York bust gone bad.The NYC Sheriff's Office busted in

Researchers To Recreate Historic European Scents In $3.3M Study : NPR

Hulton Archive/Getty Images hide caption .toggle caption Hulton Archive/Getty Images Passers-by and horse-drawn traffic circa 1895 on Jamaica Street in Glasgow, Scotland.3 million project called Odeur

Would stimulus check eligibility be different with a second payment? What you should know now

Angela Lang/CNET The negotiations to secure a second stimulus payment of up to ,200 for qualified individuals (and more for dependents) have yet to yield a bipartisan agreement, so a new round of

NY Authorities Try to Shut Down Biz Meeting, Chased Off by Anti-Maskers

A large group of biz owners in Erie County, NY called the local authorities' bluff when they tried shutting down their get-together .While these folks were having their meeting -- with most people no