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State Department Should Be More Diverse And Engaged Across U.S., Report Says : NPR

Maryum Saifee hide caption .toggle caption Maryum Saifee U.'We have mayors and governors already engaging with their overseas counterparts, and they've been doing this for years,' Saifee says.Saifee s

Twitch Releases Its First Transparency Report, But Streamers Still Have Questions

The report breaks safety into multiple tiers, with the broadest level being Twitch's community guidelines, followed by site-wide moderation, then channel-specific moderation, then the small suite of s

The iPhone 13 Could Finally Shrink The Notch, Before Apple Removes It Entirely

The report also details future Apple plans regarding iPhone models in 2022 and 2023.The successor to the iPhone 13 might be the first big redesign Apple will implement since the introduction of the iP

Biden vowed to hold MBS accountable. Now he’s being accused of letting him get away with murder

The White House is on the defensive following Friday's release of a US intelligence report finding Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) culpable of the murder and dismemberment of Washington P

Stunning new image of Venus reveals nightglow on the planet’s edge

The Parker Solar Probe, designed for detailed study of the Sun, has another advantage — it is able to examine planets as it passes their orbits.As it refines its orbit around our Sun, Parker will p

Thanks to Google, you can now schedule text messages on your Android phone

Sarah Tew/CNET Have you ever forgotten to send a happy birthday text message to a friend? Or had an idea in the middle of the night that you desperately wanted to share with co-workers but didn't want

LIVE UPDATES: White House plans to charge reporters for coronavirus test for entry: report

The White House plans to begin charging reporters $170 for coronavirus tests for access to the grounds, according to a report.News organizations will now be required to foot the bill each time a

Climate pledges ‘far short’ of meeting Paris Agreement goals, UN warns

He described 2021 as a 'make or break year' following the release of a UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) report analyzing the updated climate action plans submitted by 75 nations ahea

Virginia police officer shot, killed during traffic stop; suspect in custody: reports

A veteran police officer in Virginia was shot and killed Friday afternoon during a traffic stop, according to reports.Officer Dominic 'Nick' Winum, 48, of the Stanley Police Department was with the fo

Salesforce delivers, Wall Street doubts as stock falls 6.3% post-earnings – TechCrunch

Wall Street investors can be fickle beasts.82 billion quarter when it reported earnings yesterday.You want high growth and solid projected revenue — check and check.How did Wall Street react to this