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‘DeFi may lead to a paradigm shift’ says Federal Reserve Bank paper

A paper published by the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis has delved into the expansion of decentralized finance and Ethereum’s role in it.'DeFi uses smart contracts to create protocols that replica

White House ‘disagrees’ with Catholic church on abortion

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki participates in a briefing Tuesday, Jan.White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday that the White House “respectfully disagrees” with the Catholic Chu

VA’s implant tests could help paralyzed veterans to walk again

Medical professionals at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Virginia are using the latest technology to try to turn paralyzed service members into 'cyborgs' – an electrical implant in the spine is desi

A student harnessed the power of beets to make healing from surgery safer — and more equitable

The Iowa student has dedicated her life to equity work, from serving as one of her school district's diversity equity leaders to participating in her high school's Black History Game Show club.Over a

New Pokemon Snap Overview Trailer Shows Off New Mechanics And Environments

Nintendo has shared a lengthy overview trailer for New Pokemon Snap.New Pokemon Snap is set in the Lental region, which is made up of several different islands running the gamut from dense jungles to

Feds getting grilled over ‘disgusting’ use of baby body parts

The American Center for Law and Justice announced on Wednesday it has told the Biden administration it needs to release information about the government's 'disgusting' use of baby body parts for 'exp

Teaching news research gives your students a superpower 

I scoured public records to find relatives, friends and neighbors, searched the web for job histories or personal blogs, and dug into news articles, obituaries or marriage announcements.For the past 1

Katherine Johnson: What to know about the ‘Hidden Figures’ NASA scientist

Pioneering NASA mathematician Katherine Coleman Johnson of 'Hidden Figures' fame was always at the front of the class.The bright, young student earned bachelor’s degrees in both math and French,

University blocks research of transgenders who regret switching sex

A British psychotherapist whose university banned him from studying cases of people who have surgery to reverse gender reassignment is taking his case to the European Court of Human Rights.K.charity

Polish court orders historians to apologize over Holocaust book

More than seven decades on, the conflict remains a live political issue in Poland, where the ruling nationalists say studies showing complicity by some Poles in the killing of Jews by Nazi Germany are