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Tag: rise of prices

Summers says inflation indicators flashing ‘red alarm’

Former Treasury Secretary and prominent Democratic policy advisor Larry Summers said Wednesday that inflation indicators were flashing “red alarms,” renewing a critique of President BidenJoe Biden

Early bird pricing increases next week for TC Early Stage Operations & Fundraising – TechCrunch

Just because there are no short cuts to startup success doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel.Early-bird pricing for passes to Early Stage part one (April 1-2) — or dual-event passes (Early

Microsoft Reverses Xbox Live Gold Price Increase, Unlocks Free-To-Play Games For Everyone.-

Microsoft pulled a 180 overnight and announced that it is reversing its planned Xbox Live Gold price increase.The subscription will NOT get more expensive, and free-to-play games are getting unlocked

Microsoft backtracks on Xbox Live Gold price hike.-

Microsoft has reversed its controversial Xbox Live price increase.The company announced a price hike on Friday that would have doubled the cost of a yearly subscription to the service, which is requir

Tesla raises price of ‘Full Self-Driving’ option to $10,000

Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” option, which currently enables Autopilot features like changing lanes on highways and automatic car parking, now costs $10,000, or $2,000 more than before.Musk has s

Disrupt 2020 starts tomorrow… join us for the LIVE pre-show right now! – TechCrunch

We simply can’t wait.Disrupt 2020 officially kicks off tomorrow morning at 9am PT, but there are so many exciting features in this show — from the speaker lineup to the Startup Battlefield competi

Amazon sold items at inflated prices during pandemic according to consumer watchdog

Amazon has been accused of price gouging on essential items like toilet paper and antibacterial soap in a report by consumer rights group Public Citizen.The report analyzed over a dozen products, incl