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Okay, this EV charging robot is wicked!

Have you ever dreamed of a mobile robot that would independently charge your EV with the tap of a button on your phone?.Last week, the Chinese green tech company launched what it claims to be the wor

The useless robots on TikTok are hard not to love

From the robots that fail miserably at their jobs to the robots dealing with our literal crap, Mashable’s dives into the complex world of automation — for better or worse or much, much worse.One c

AI2’s ManipulaTHOR gives virtual robots a hand — and an arm

A video frame from ManipulaTHOR’s simulation shows a virtual robot at work.ManipulaTHOR adds a highly articulated robotic arm to the institute’s AI2-THOR artificial intelligence platform — which

Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot has been taught to pee beer on command

Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot exists in two realities.In one, it’s a terrifying harbinger of a dystopian future when robots hunt and kill humans.In the other, it’s the plaything of YouTubers w

This will be the summer of the robot lawn mower — get this one on sale

Products featured here are selected by our partners at StackCommerce.TL;DR: Outsource your lawn maintenance to the MowRo RM24 Robot Lawn Mower, on sale for $849.Soaking up the summer sun is the best,

Spot the (robot) dog enlists in the French Army, (battery) dies

In news that should surprise no one, Boston Dynamics‘ terrifying robot dog is being tested by a military force.Spot was pictured alongside French soldiers during a series of training exercises at

MIT robot uses radio waves to find and retrieve hidden objects

MIT researchers have developed a robot that can detect and grab objects that are hidden behind walls or pieces of clutter.The system, called RF-Grasp, uses radio waves to locate items beyond the line

Sophia the Robot sells $1M worth, Cardano to clone NFT platforms, and more

If creative self-doubt and competition between humans in the art world weren’t already hard enough, artists now face the prospect of battling it out on Nifty Gateway with artistic robots.The “Andr

This shape-shifting robot adjusts its body to walk across all kinds of terrain

In the same way, a walking robot would have to change its gait to handle different surfaces.But what if we could also change the shape of our bodies to run as fast and safely as possible on any surfac

Every Autobot From The Transformers Movies

They're more than meets the eye.With that many movies comes a slew of unique robots and the variety of things they can transform into.It should come as no surprise that, ultimately, the Transformers f