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These are the 3 most likely scenarios for our first alien encounter

How we will find extraterrestrial life is just as important of a question as to when we will find the first alien life.We already know of more than 4,000 planets orbiting other stars, and that number

New Hubble image of ‘fluffy’ galaxy is spectacular

The European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA released a new image Thursday taken using the Hubble Space Telescope and showing a very detailed look at the unique spiral galaxy known as NGC 2775.The ESA des

Covid-19 Is Accelerating Human Transformation—Let’s Not Waste It

Back when we started WIRED magazine, it was all digital, all the time.Human biology wasn’t exactly on our radar, except in science fiction, where pandemics always seemed du jour.LIFE to track the wa

Astronomers Are Uncovering the Magnetic Soul of the Universe

Anytime astronomers figure out a new way of looking for magnetic fields in ever more remote regions of the cosmos, inexplicably, they find them.Twenty years ago, astronomers started to detect magnetis

Rocket Lab launch fails during rocket’s second stage burn, causing a loss of vehicle and payloads – TechCrunch

Rocket Lab’s ‘Pic or it didn’t happen’ launch on Saturday ended in failure, with a total loss of the Electron launch vehicle and all seven payloads on board.The launch vehicle experienced a fa

Rocket Lab’s 13th launch ends in failure, after rocket experiences problem mid-flight

Rocket Lab’s 13th mission ended in failure on Saturday, after the company’s rocket experienced some kind of problem after launching to space.As a result, Rocket Lab lost its rocket, as well as all

Never Mind the Summer Heat: Earth Is at Its Greatest Distance From the Sun

This story has been updated to reflect the date of 2020’s aphelion.You, me and everyone on the planet will be three million miles farther from the sun than when we are closest to it.Instead, it is s

How to watch the ‘buck moon’ lunar eclipse this Fourth of July weekend

Look for a slight darkening of part of the moon on July 4 and 5.A 'buck moon' lunar eclipse is set for the night of July 4 and the morning of July 5, depending on where you are.This NASA map shows vi

How to watch Rocket Lab launch satellites for Canon, Planet and more live – TechCrunch

Rocket Lab is launching a rideshare mission today which includes seven small satellites from a number of different companies, including primary payload provider Canon, which is flying a satellite equi

How patients lose out: When politics cancel science

Last week, historian David Blight and history student Griffin Black attempted to score political points at my expense with a Washington Post op-ed headlined “Black people aren’t naturally vulnera