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Republicans take notice that voters like progressive climate plans

The last few years have seen a stunning shift in the way Americans think about climate change, which has gone from a marginal concern—one scarcely mentioned in the run-up to the 2016 election—to a

How Microsoft runs its $40M ‘AI for Health’ initiative – TechCrunch

Last week, Microsoft announced the latest news in its ongoing “AI for Good” program: a $40M effort to apply data science and AI to difficult and comparatively under-studied conditions like tubercu

Bitcoin Rises Above $9,700 to Reach Highest Point in 3 Months

Bitcoin (BTC) has continued its journey north to reach its highest point in over 3 months after defying expectations of a temporary pullback in its price.Over the course of eight hours, starting at 10

How can the solar cycle threaten technology on Earth?

Every week, the readers of our space newsletter, The Airlock, send in their questions for space reporter Neel V. Patel to answer. This week: how the solar cycle could impact human technology on Earth.

Google has released a tool to spot faked and doctored images

Jigsaw, a technology incubator at Google, has released an experimental platform called Assembler to help journalists and front-line fact-checkers quickly verify images.How it works: Assembler combines

Record-breaking NASA astronaut Christina Koch is returning to Earth after nearly a year in space

This evening, three astronauts will head home from the International Space Station, including one record-breaking crew member who just spent nearly a year in space. Koch is traveling back with astrona

Amazon opens registration for re:MARS 2020 – GeekWire

Amazon’s Jenny Freshwater engages Jeff Bezos in a fireside chat at last year’s inaugural re:MARS conference in Las Vegas. The answer for Amazon’s second annual re:MARS conference is to bring the

Rocket Lab readies parachute tests for its rocket recovery and reuse program – TechCrunch

Rocket Lab is proceeding as planned with its efforts to recover and reuse spent rocket boosters from its Electron launch vehicle, and has completed its first prototype parachute for use in the recover

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, the Condition so Controversial Doctors Won’t Diagnose It

Last February, the Senate held a committee hearing on the future of 5G wireless technology. Amid fulsome praise of the technology’s potential—five times faster internet speeds!—Connecticut Senat

Ex-Google Cloud engineers raise $8M for Seattle machine learning startup Kaskada – GeekWire

Kaskada CEO Davor Bonaci, CTO Ben Chambers and VP of Product Emily Kruger. Kaskada Photo)Machine learning is all the rage in big tech, but still largely unavailable to most companies that don’t have